Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Pictures, Pictures, Pictures

For all of my family who read this just to look at pictures of the kiddos-- this post is for you! Here's the latest from my instgram feed from the past several months. (Are you on instagram? Let's be friends!)

Poor second chid had to entertain herself during big brother's basketball practice. Good think we could put our ancient early generation ipod brick to work! It's full of Frozen music, of course.

 I've finally been able to cash in on child labor this year-- actual productive help from the kiddos! It's wonderful. Also-- we hate this tree.

I titled this, "Threenager". Also, this is the first picture that when I see it, I actually see how much she looks like me (like people always tell me!).

A few weekends ago, Derek and I enjoyed a great date night. A nice steak dinner and Captain America! 

We got invited to a Royals game the next day and my M-I-L watched the kiddos again! Two dates, two days in a row! We're so spoiled. The weather was great and we won! 

Jackson performed with kids choir at church a few Sundays ago. He sang AND he participated with the motions!!! I was so shocked. I mean, no spit bubbles or angry face! The video I have is great and he made the entire congregation laugh. 

Belle has been checking the progress of the daffodils ever since they first shot up. We've observed the closed blooms and she was super thrilled when they fully bloomed. She said, "I want to look at them forever!" Me too! I love spring flowers!!!

During a nice day last week, we walked to our favorite train spot! I can barely believe that it's been THREE years that we've been going on this walk. Kids still love it! :)

This special smile is reserved for the happy boy who finally got to wear shorts to school last week! (Not pictured: the tears that came this week when it SNOWED and I made him wear jeans.) This boy is ready for spring to come and stay!

I didn't post my a belly pic with my post last week, so I made sure to take a pic this weekend. Ya know, when I was actually showered and in real clothes! :) 

While Derek was dutifully serving our country at drill last weekend, I traveled down to Springfield with my family to visit my sister. The weather was a beautiful 80° so we took a hike! 

We visited Incredible Pizza, too and Papa Johne helped him win some tickets while giving him pointers on how to shoot a rifle. Jackson earned a ton of tickets and picked out a dozen little army men. Belle just wanted a piece of candy. (of course!)

Meet Pinkalicious, though if she heard me call her that, she'd protest, "I am not pinkalicious! I am BELLE!!!" She's pink from head to toe almost every day. And the other day when she wore blue, she cried. Good thing we have lots and lots of pink.

Lastly, this dude cooked dinner tonight! How cute is he in his camo hat and Captain America apron? Also, he's always shirtless these days.  I'm telling you, this kid was made for summer. 

Somedays I actually feel as if I don't do a good job of getting enough pictures of the kiddos. It's laughable, right? Can I blame pregnancy hormones? Well, I do still feel legitimately guilty that I have yet to get Belle's two year pictures professional done. Or her three year. Sorry sweetie! At least I have cute pictures of you checking out daffodils! 


Tuesday, April 8, 2014

16 weeks

Tuesdays are so fun for me! I love getting my pregnancy emails and app reminders on my phone each week to tell me how far along I am and all about the baby! I'm not particularly interested in taking a picture today, so instead here's a picture of the baby's little hand (compared to the average nine month hand).

How far along?: 16 weeks
How big is your baby?: 4.5 inches, about the size of an avacado
Total weight gain?: 4 pounds, ish
Sex: I am SO anxious to find out. Our sono appointment is scheduled at the end of the month
Maternity clothes: Yes, lots of them. My pregnancy emails keep telling me that "I won't need maternity clothes yet" but I've been sporting some since nine weeks! I can still wear a few non-maternity pieces, but not many. 
Stretch marks: None yet! Hoping it stays that way.
Movement: I've been feeling little flutters this week. So fun! I wouldn't have thought it was the baby, but it happened right after my OB appointment last week and it was in the same spot we heard the baby heartbeat.
Sleep: No major complaints. Unless you count my 5 year old climbing in bed and sleeping thisclose to me all night. I can still sleep on my stomach (kind of, anyway) and I'm not taking it for granted.  
Best moment this week: Feeling baby move, for sure!
Food cravings: No hardcore cravings yet... but I haven't been planning well for taking lunch or dinner when I work and if I get to hungry, I just have to go to the closest fast food place. I try so hard to plan, but by the time I get the kids out the door (with their lunches!) I have forgotten about me! 
Labor signs: Definitely not
Belly button in or out: In
What I miss: Nothing really.
What I'm looking forward to: Finding out the gender for sure. I have probably three outfits each that I have from Jackson and Belle... so I have a lot of shopping to do. We'll find out what we're having right in time for garage sale season! :)


Sunday, April 6, 2014

Touch-a-truck and Chuck E. Cheese

Last Saturday, after I spent the morning running a 5k, we still had a day full of fun ahead of us! Our neighboring community hosted a Touch-a-Truck event, which is exactly as it sounds.

The kids climbed...

test drove...


climbed some more...

climbed higher...

And explored almost every inch!

The kids literally touched every vehicle there that day!

As cool as the kids thought it was, Derek and I enjoyed it, too! 

Later that afternoon, I took Jackson to a birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese. It was actually pretty convenient because Jackson has been asking and asking to go to an arcade lately! The party was looong but only because there were at least six other parties going on at the same time, in the same room and they coordinate all of the festivities between all of the groups. Man, it was a crazy house! But Jackson had a great time. 

Jackson earned over 100 tickets from the arcade games. He picked out two crazy straws to bring home and to share one with Belle! I loved some one on one time with my little fella! 


Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Diva Dash 5k

Saturday was race day! Signing up for the race began back in December when I was deciding on Christmas gifts. We opted on gifting experiences as opposed to items this year and remembering that Mom mentioned wanting to do a 5k at one point in time, I signed us up! Mom and I both started training at the beginning of the new year!

By the time race day came around my grandma, sister-in-law, mother-in-law, and Belle were all registered to tackle this 5k!

I wish I would've gotten a pic of all of us together, but it was a pretty hectic morning, so I didn't even think of it at the time! But here's a pic of me and Mary and another of Mary and Linda, so that's the best documentation I have! :)

Mary took off right away. She came in 9th in our age range out of a couple of hundred of other runners! She's way out of my league. 

I was still messing with my dumb phone and wasn't quite ready, but I really wanted my running app to be accurate so I could keep track of our progress! (Also, I already needed to potty by this point, and I needed to keep track of how much longer I had to hold it!)

My grandma and Linda walked with Belle. It looks like everyone was pretty much all smiles at this point!

That didn't last long. Apparently at the beginning of the race, Belle saw a glove on the ground. She thought it was mine and then cried for three miles (because of a glove that wasn't even mine). Linda ended up carrying Belle for part of the way. These two ladies deserve an extra medal for not just completing a 5k, but for withstanding the drama of a three-year-old. I suppose that's why she's our Li'l Diva-- just like her shirt says. 

My ankle held up pretty well. I picked up an ankle brace at the store and I was good to go. I hadn't ran at all in the two weeks while my ankle healed and I could definitely tell the difference! Thursday before the race, I ended up with some bug that was going around the extended family, but it seemed to hit me a little harder being pregnant. A quick visit to the ER determined that I was a little dehydrated from being nauseous and not eating or drinking along with having extra acid in my stomach thanks to the extra hormones. I left feeling much better after getting some fluids and scoring some amazing anti-nausea pill. By the time race day came around, my only hope was to finish! Thankfully my ankle brace, ant-nausea pills, and pain meds made the opportunity possible!

I'm proud I crossed the finish line, even if one of the volunteers held up me while I caught my breath and got back on balance. Mom and I ran together through the whole race and we clocked in around 37 minutes. Mom could've have been a little faster if I wasn't slowing her down, but she finished 14th in her age bracket!! It was nice to run together though! At one point during the run and we were trekking up a hill, I looked over and said, "Merry Christmas!" :)

We caught our breath and waited for the rest of our crew. We crossed the finish line with Grandma and Belle-- four generations completing the race! My grandma came in first place in her age bracket! She was the one and only participant over 80. Completing a 5k was no big deal for her as she probably walks more than that each day, but it's that walking every day that has kept her healthy and able to participate with us! 

As soon as I knew we'd have four generations in the race, I knew we needed fun t-shirts and I had one person in mind! My friend Tricia is an amazing artist and makes super cute onesies for her daughter.... BY HAND! I'm too embarrassed to show you my original idea sketch, but she transformed it into the cutest thing ever. The shirts all say "Diva Generation" and we all have our respective number. With a pearl necklace, of course! (Did I mention she did this by hand?)

And here's the back! Our names with how they relate to our Li'l Diva along with our ages. 

We got compliments on these shirts left and right and people loved that we did this together! I mean, when I'm 81, I want to be walking 5k's like a boss! (I mean, that is, if we just don't use hover boards and stuff). 

It was such a fun morning! Mostly anyway. Those hills were awful. I'm glad to say I've done it. I want to keep up my exercise routine and stay active through the remainder of the pregnancy, but no more 5k's this year! 

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Derek turned THIRTY!

On Wednesday of this week, Derek turned 30. Bring on the AARP flyers. You know how I feel about birthday surveys, but I knew better than to ask Derek to participate. This week was such a crazy week because I started a new job and then ended up sick. Our entire routine was flipped upside down and backwards, so unfortunately, I didn't get to celebrate his birthday as "big" as I'd hoped, but truth be told, Derek probably prefers it this way. I just love celebrating birthdays.

We went out to Oklahoma Joe's BBQ for dinner! Of course, it was delicious.

After dinner, Derek wanted to visit the music store and who am I to deny his birthday request. Clearly, Derek was in heaven. The store greeter did request that he not drool on the instruments.

Derek picked out a new surround sound system for the basement for his gift and after he got it all set up, we watched the Friends episode: The One Where They All Turn Thirty!

I took the kids to pick out a gift on Thursday. I asked for their input. Belle: Hugs! Jackson: A new car! They each picked out a new shirt. I figured they'd each feel special whenever they see Daddy wearing a shirt they picked. Belle picked out a "Captain 'Merica" shirt and Jackson picked a Kansas City Royals shirt. We had plans to go out to get individual little ice cream cakes from Dairy Queen that night, but I was just too sick to barely get out of bed, so we never actually celebrated with cake or ice cream. Maybe we can do it this week or next!

Derek had a group of guys over on Friday night to play poker and watch action movies with his new surround sound, which was the perfect opportunity to venture up to my parents for the evening! I know it's shocking, but Derek didn't take any photos while he was hanging out with the guys. Lame!

I have just a little over three weeks to tease Derek about being old before I join the ranks of thirty myself. Happy Birthday, old man! Love you!



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