Wednesday, May 7, 2008

A blog, finally

For the longest time I've been thinking, "I should start a blog." Wouldn't it be fabulous if everytime we thought "I should..." that it would just automatically be done? A part of me wonders if this whole blog idea will pass away such as the Xanga phase of my junior year in college, but alas, I'm here to try it again. I enjoy browsing through my friends blogs for a quick update on their lives, so maybe people are interested to read what's happening in mine. I'll admit that I'm a bit intimidated about having something super important and/or interesting to say... I'll try my best.

Derek can probably appreciate a new outlet for me to express my thoughts. I mean he always listens no matter how important a topic that is on my mind, but sometimes I know he really doesn't care, because really... who would? For example, last night I was on the topic of music artists that just won't go away (i.e. Madonna, Mariah Carey, etc.) I mean, they had remarkable careers in their time, but seriously enough is enough. Especially Madonna who is 50 years old with children old enough to watch her... do they want to see her dancing provacitvely on a music video?? Do we?? And truthfully I am suprised to see that Mariah made a comeback from her horrible rut after her movie Glitter. So I know that this isn't important information. It's just annoys me. I am curious, however, to know how the New Kids on the Block reunion tour will go.

I will do my best to contribute better material in future posts.

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  1. Did you see this already?


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