Friday, May 9, 2008

We're having a baby!

We've shared our baby news with many, but I figured I'd put it in writing so it's out there for everyone to read, share, and pass along.

Finding Out

I was at work, working diligently of course, and something just clicked in my mind that added some signs together enough for me to begin thinking, "Hhhm... maybe." Well, then I became just so distracted I wasn't getting any work done, so I drove to the CVS in town to get a pregnancy test. Those tests are so tricky-- is there a second line or not! Since I just couldn't decide, I visited some friends who work at the bank in our building who easily confirmed the second line. So, ok... What do I do now?? Well, I needed to tell Derek.

So, I left work a little early to go shopping for some baby items, specifically an "I love Daddy" outfit. I was paranoid the entire time that I was going to run into a friend, my parents, etc. By the time I bought some things, I didn't have time to cook dinner, so I got our a bucket of fried chicken to take home. Over our candlelight dinner, I gave Derek the box and it took like 2 seconds to put it together and he was very excited. We went out and bought What to Expect When You're Expecting and determined at that time we were 4 weeks along.

Telling Friends and Family

The month of March for us is full of birthdays so we thought it would be fun to share the news with our families through birthday gifts. Forrest's (Derek's dad) was first and Derek had picked out I-Love-You-Grandpa/Grandma bibs and wrapped them up. His first words were along the lines of "What!? Really?! Are you serious!?" His parents were very excited to hear the news are are very excited to be grandparents.

My family was next with Philip's birthday. I managed to convince my family to get together early for his birthday because we just couldn't hold the news much longer! I had made a picture frame each for Uncle Phil, and Aunt Laura and Ashley, purchased a Grandparents picture frame for my mom, and for my dad I bought a tiny pair of KC Chiefs socks. Everyone opened their gifts together. Laura and Ashley screamed, mom cried, dad was grinning ear to ear, and Philip said "I distinctly told you 'No babies or houses until I get married'," but did also offer congratulations.

We waited awhile longer to share the news with others as we were waiting to be further along in the pregnancy before the major news got out. We mailed sonogram pictures to some and with others we simply called to share the good news. At 12 weeks, we began telling people as we ran into them and everyone has just been so excited.

Doctor's Visits

Our first visit was at 8 weeks. The doctor is close to Derek's work, so he is able to take a little time off and come with me. We had a sonogram that day to confirm the age of the baby. It didn't look like much, just a little peanut, but it was so amazing to see!! The sonogram confirmed the November 6th due date.

The next visit was at 12 weeks, which was also my birthday. The doctor used the Doppler to detect the babies heartbeat and again, that moment was just beyond words to describe. It was just such a loud booming noise and it was beating so fast!! It was a fabulous birthday-- to reach the 12 week mark and to hear our baby's heartbeat!!!

Our next scheduled appointment is at the beginning of June.

Other baby type news

My dad is convinced that we are having a boy and has since named our baby, Freddy. He anxiously offered to build the crib and I printed off pictures of the ones I liked. I am excited to have one of a kind furniture for our baby! Laura is convinced that we are having a girl and is dying to flood the baby with pink things and to be the cool aunt. Ashley wants to know if I have decided what sports our child will be participating in and has also compiled a list of acceptable baby names with a friend.

Mom and I have had a ton of fun at garage sales this year. We have found great deals on many baby necessities and even a few luxuries from onesies, outfits, books, toys, high chairs, baby moniters, infant seats, maternity clothes, etc. Linda (Derek's mom) purchased two shoe boxes full of baby books and I have picked out a few books like Clifford and Curious George.

We don't know the sex of the baby yet, but we will find out at either the appointment at the beginning of June or the beginning of July. Derek is hoping for a boy and I am just thrilled to be having a baby and will be delighted either way. According to the latest research about what I was eating before I was pregnant (cereal, bananas, and other high protein foods) I have higher chances of having a boy, but according to the Chinese birth predictability chart I am supposed to have a girl. I guess we'll just have to wait and find out!

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