Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Freddy's a Boy!!

This blog will be all about our little baby boy!! Derek (and I) couldn't be more proud!

I had been anticipating June 11th for nearly an entire month!! We went to the doctor last Wednesday and we did get to listen to the heartbeat again, which is just so just "Wow!"amazing! We were very disappointed to hear that the ultrasound tech had gone home for the day. :( Fortunately we were able to go back on Thursday during our lunch breaks to get a peek at our little baby.

Now, I have done so many amazing wonderful things in my life--I've traveled, I've swam in the ocean, climbed a mountain and I have just experienced so many really cool things. But absolutely nothing can compare with getting to see my baby on that screen last week-- his little fists moving around, his spine so developed, and to actually see his heart just pumping away. I really could have stayed there and watched our baby forever if they would have let me. After moving the wand thingy all around so that we could see all around out little guy, she held it still for a moment and we got to watch him move his arms and wiggle around-- a moment I'll never forget.

These two pictures are just basic profiles of baby Creason.

This is a picture of baby Creason looking in our direction

And this is a view of baby Creason's awesome spine!

And this is his little fist!

And his little boy parts

I wish the still pictures turned out as clear as when we were just watching the baby. His little body was so much more defined and we could see so much more detail that what is captured in the still shots. I won't complain. It is amazing that we can even see the baby inside of me!

I was so glad that Derek was there with me! He has been to every doctor's appointment and it's great to have such a supportive husband! I have been trying to keep him as involved and informed as possible about what I'm going through, but I think it was just really special for him to get to see the baby! He's been much more excited since and is more affectionate to my belly. When the sonogram tech announced that we were having a little boy, Derek's face just lit up! He's so proud. I hope our little boy looks like Derek did as a kid-- he was a cutie!

My parents have been in Nicaragua on a mission trip, so I haven't been able to talk with them about their grandson, but I was able to email them the sonogram pics before they headed out into the jungle. I emailed them with "Your grandson" in the subject line and when they replied the subject had been changed to "Your grandon, Freddy" so I guess the name still sticks, well for Dad anyway. Rest assured, we will not be naming out child Fred/Fredrick/Freddy or anything of the sorts.

My tummy first starting to make an appearance around 16 weeks, depending on the shirt I was wearing. Now at 20 weeks, it's sticking out even more and I have separated my clothes into "can't wear anymore" and "can still fit for a little long" piles. I did unpack the maternity clothes I have come across and am now implementing them into my wardrobe a little at a time.

16 weeks

20 weeks

I started feeling the baby move at around 18 weeks, just a little bit. It took me a bit by suprise, "what was that?!" but I was so excited that I called Derek, Mom, and just about anyone who would listen to tell them! I can feel the baby moving quite often these days, not kicking or anything, just movement around in my tummy, especially in the evenings. It really is a pretty special feeling.

I guess I'll end it here. I know not everyone is as interested in my pregnancy and our baby as I probably imagine them, but here it all is for those who enjoy it! :)

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  1. Your Freddy fetus picture is on my fridge. Is that weird?



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