Friday, June 13, 2008

If only I had a dollar....

for every time I thought, "I should really update my blog" this past month, I'd be rich.

Moving went well. We had so much help it really only took a couple hours. Thanks everyone for your help! Our new place is fabulous! Everything that we need and use often is unpacked. We still have picture frames, decorations, etc that are still in boxes, but those things require a certain mood to set up and I just haven't had that mood yet.

The new job is going good too. I'm still in training so work is still really pretty boring. Seriously, I spent all day watching horribly tacky videos about the requirements of accepting checks, privacy laws and the Patriot Act, the paperwork required for large cash transactions, and how to prepare for and respond to a bank robbery. I suppose it could be worse. I like the people I work with, which makes going to work not so bad. The number one hazard of my job--stupid paper cuts. They are brutal!

School is demanding, but I enjoy it. My Mon/Wed class is a class on Career counseling, which I find really interesting. The class is a lot of discussion and activities (interest and personality tests, skills assessments) and that makes class go by so fast. It's fun to do the activities that we would give future clients to help them determine a career because we get to learn a lot of stuff about ourselves during the process. My professor is actually a co-worker of Linda's from JCCC. My Tue/Thurs class only meets on Tuesday evenings, but requires online posting and lots of reading for the Thursday session. The class is on child development and again I find my class really interesting, even though it is a lot of work. I have a 2 page summary due just about every Tuesday and Thursday as well as a nice big long paper in the middle of the semester. All of the days that I am in the classroom, I do enjoy being there and I enjoy learning what I'm learning. Despite the work involved, I really like being in school (minus the fortune that it costs to actually be there)!

Went to Buck Night at the Royals. It was an enjoyable night of yummy $1 hotdogs, an exciting game, and really cool fireworks.

Visited Trenton last weekend for a friends wedding. It was so beautiful and the bride, of course, was just gorgeous. We stopped in to say hi to grandmas while we were up.

Derek and his Dad are going up today to pick up his motorcycle. Things have just been so busy since March, we haven't really had time to get around to bringing it home! While they do the bike stuff, I'll stop in and visit with Jessica (Tobin and Jonas) for awhile. Which leads me to:

Just a reminder for everyone to think about someone they know who is serving our country and then just say a little "thank you" or do something nice for him/her or their families!! We had a man from church come home from after being away for a year from his family of 3 children and our friend Jessica just sent her husband off for training only couple weeks after they had their second son and there are so many out there sacrificing so much as well! Sometimes we think appreciative thoughts, but we don't actually say thanks or we assume that others are doing it and we don't need to. So go say "Thanks! We appreciate you" to someone (or lots of people) this week!

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