Friday, December 5, 2008

I'm Stuffed!

Thanksgiving was wonderful this year. We got to spend time with both my family and Derek's. The food was yummy, I am sure I ate too much, but hey, I still weigh less than I did just about a month ago! And of course Jackson was oohed and aahed over by many... but who can blame them!? He is just so stinkin' cute!

With the Christmas season beginning so early these days, I think people can really miss out on the idea of Thanksgiving. What a great holiday to spend with family and be so thankful for all the things the Lord has given us!

Of course, I am so thankful for Jackson being in my life-- for the easy pregnancy, that he is healthy, and that he looks my good lookin' husband! I am so thankful for Derek. He did the best job of taking care of me-- back rubs, foot massages, cooked dinner, etc...-- while I was pregnant. He works really hard each day at work to provide for Jackson and me. I am thankful for our families, both who have been SO helpful since we had Jackson. Both grandma's have spent the night and allowed me to get some extra sleep. The one thing I love the most about our families is that they get along so well and are so easy going! No one fights about where we spend Thanksgiving, about who has spent the most time with Jackson, but in fact, our families even hang out together sometime. It's such a blessing. I am so thankful for my friends and church family. Everyone has been so encouraging, helpful, kind, and gracious. Not only did people spoil me with shower gifts, but once Jackson came people cooked meals, folded my laundry, and made sure I had their number to call if I needed anything. Words cannot express my thankfulness.

And now that Thanksgiving has passed, I am now offically in the Christmas spirit!

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