Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Most Wonderful (Busiest) Time of the Year

December has been a crazy month for us this year. Lots of going here and there to make sure to see our friends and family over the holiday. It is so nice to have both of our families here in the Kansas City, but it amazes me how much we still really drive. There was a time when we filled up my car four consecutive days in a row!

Derek and I attended the Singing Christmas Tree program at Pleasant Valley Baptist Church at the beginning of the month and I am just always so entertained by it. Laura and her dance studio perform each year, so next year make sure you go watch! My family finally got together to celebrate Ashley's birthday (which is October 23). It was well worth the wait to go to Texas Roadhouse. We need one here in Belton. Actually, one a side note-- here are a few things that Belton really needs:
  1. Panera!!!
  2. Best Buy
  3. Olive Garden
  4. Steak N Shake
  5. Drive In Movie theater
  6. Less traffic!!
Anyway... We had a nice first Christmas with Jackson. We celebrated with Derek's family on the Saturday before Christmas when Brad and Mary were in town. His parents got me a certificate for a massage and I am very much looking forward to using it soon! Derek's grandpa and Aunt Judy came to visit over the holidays, so we made sure to get to visit with them too. Derek spent Christmas Eve driving to Springfield with his mom to help Brad move, and I went up to Trenton with my family to visit my grandma's. We both made it back in time to attend the Christmas Eve service, which is one of my favorite parts of the holiday. On Christmas morning, we opened gifts at our place before heading up to Derek's grandmothers house in Richmond to enjoy a fantastic lunch. In the afternoon we headed up to Kearney to spend time with my family. My cousin and her family came down in the evening and it was real nice to visit with them.

The day after Christmas, we drove down to Springfield for Brad and Mary's wedding. Derek was a groomsman, and I a bridesmaid. The wedding was beautiful and everything went nicely. The little flower girl walked down the aisle tossing flowers and when she got to the front, she walked back up the aisle picking them all up! She then attended the reception in nothing but her undies and pantyhose, which is still cute and acceptable from a three year old.

While in Springfield, we stayed with our friends Jeff and Missy. They bought the house this summer and it is such a cute place! I told them we are moving in because Jackson slept so well while we were there!! I was excited to introduce Jackson to Sarah and Kayla and our other Springfield friends! Of course, everybody thought he was pretty cool!

I accidentally left my camera at a friends house the week before Christmas, so my sister was so gracious to loan me hers so that we could have pictures of Jackson's first Christmas. I'll post pictures soon!

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