Friday, December 19, 2008

smiles, bedtime, and belly buttons

Has it really been 8 weeks? Next week, Jackson will cross into the two month territory and I can just hardly believe it. Derek and I can totally tell a difference in Jackson. He's growing (now 9 lbs. 10 oz), he's smiling, and he'll stay up and play for an hour or two before needing to go to sleep again. Jackson's first real smile was last Sunday when Derek was playing with him and he continues to like smiling for Daddy more than me. We finally got a swing for Jackson (thanks Tammy!) after finding out that the batteries corroded in the one I bought from a garage sale. Jackson is so content to swing his little heart out and it really helps that I don't have to hold him all the time when he's sleeping so I am able to get a little more accomplished around the house.

We've started a bedtime routine and Jackson is pretty into it. By the time we get halfway through a book, his eyes are getting heavy and he's pretty much out. He'll sleep for about one 5 hour stretch and then maybe another couple rounds of 2-3 hours each. He's also sleeping in his bassinet, as opposed to needing to be cuddled. Both grandma's have spent the night, which is just so refreshing. I am so fortunate to have them! It's nice to get to fall into a deeper sleep and get extra rest while they are just so eager to spend time with Jackson!

We went for the two month well-baby check up yesterday and Dr. Munger said that Jackson was just perfect-- of course this wasn't new news for me! :) He did point out that Jackson does have a hernia underneath his belly button, which explains Jackson's ultra-outie. (I'll have to post some pictures-- it's not just an outie, but it sticks out about an extra centimeter!) Dr. Munger said that it isn't uncomfortable for Jackson and that it will self correct itself probably by age two.

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