Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Our baby update

Well, I am now in my 25th week of pregnancy. It is really kind of crazy to think about. We found out about the pregnancy at 4 weeks and I just knew that 12 weeks would never ever come and here I am almost at 6 months! I can really appreciate that working full-time and doing school full-time has kept me so busy and pre-occupied that I have hardly had time to think and be anxious for our baby!

About two weeks ago I had this freak out moment and Derek was just so good. All along I had just planned to think about baby things after school was over and hadn't really thought much about anything really. But then it hit me... oh goodness, we don't have ANYTHING ready and not only that, we haven't even thought about it yet!!! Sure we had the hospital picked out, but it's a big place... where on earth am I supposed to go??? Our nursery is full of boxes that I have yet to unpack! What if we have the baby early??? We don't have anything! And what about a budget!? How much do they cost? How do I plan for that? And the list goes on... I can really appreciate God's design about having a man and wife plan for the baby together, because it is way to much to do it on your own. Those who have, they are really amazing people! And really, it wasn't so much that I didn't have everything planned out yet, it was that we hadn't even thought about planning! Derek listened to all my worries and was reassuring. All is good, though we still have a lot to get ready for!

We are still waiting to find out what the doctor thinks is best in terms of delivery after having broke my pelvis in a car wreck. No matter what the doctor recommends, I really don't care as long as it is best for my baby. I am just so annoyed that my two places of previous medical care cannot communicate with my current doctor to get it figured out. I mean, I supplied all of the information at my 8 week doctor's appointment and have asked about it every time and I really don't think it should take so long. At the last doc appointment, I asked again-- not trying to make a big deal out of anything, but just wanting somebody to pay attention-- and thankfully my doctor showed the same concern to making sure they have the records for my next visit. I sure hope so!!!

Derek's been so good to take off work for every one of my appoitments. He holds my hand when I have to give blood and asks the doctor questions too. I really appreciate that. And while I'm bragging on my husband, I'll go on to say that he has done such a wonderful job of keeping house during my busy schedule! And since I've been drinking Wal-Mart of chocolate milk, sometimes when we're out, he'll just go get my some even when I didn't ask him too. And last night he gave me a back rub because my back was really hurting. He's great! :)

Oh, and Derek finally got to feel the baby move on Saturday and it happened while we were watching The Dark Knight, no less. He was pretty excited! Derek took me on a date the other night and we walked around Baby's R Us (yes, we are that boring!) and there are so many gadgets and things! I told Derek he could pick the nursery stuff and I he picked out a cute one that I like! Very manly, but baby-ish and cute. And I think we have a name pretty much picked out, but we are going to wait just a little bit before we start telling people. I will tell you that it isn't Freddy, but that's all I can say.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Summer Time

I have had a really good summer.

We spent the 4th of July up at my parent's house in Kearney and Derek's parents, Brad & Mary, came too. It was really nice to get to spend it with both of our families together. We played in the pool, played the Wii, ate burgers, and did fireworks. It was good. I miss not seeing Dad at work every day! I try to call and catch up with him periodically though.

We've seen a handful of movies lately too, which is something we just love to do together. We went to see Get Smart with Derek's folks when it first came out. It was so funny!! I really like Steve Carrell and Anne Hathaway did a good job. We also went to see Hancock too and we both really enjoyed that movie too. I am a big Will Smith fan, even when he a bad superhero! And its a great example of how believing in a person can make a difference. And of course, we went and saw Batman today. You know its a big movie when the 1:00 and 3:00 matinée shows are even sold out. It was good movie. Seriously, the Joker is one of the creepiest Villains ever! He was so creepy. And Batman's gadgets were as cool as ever.

Last weekend, we went up to watch the Free Friday Night Flick at Crown Center with friends. I like just being outside and watching a movie, though the camp chair is only so comfortable. We watched the Monte Python and the Holy Grail. Interesting movie. I met with my book club friends this week and that was so enjoyable! Things have been so busy with one having a baby and then me starting school and I'm really looking forward to getting back into the swing of things. I've been in a reading rut and I hate it. I am really looking forward to the last book of the Twilight series that comes out on August 2nd. I am anxious to see how it all works out! And I am very anxious for the first book to come out in theaters in November. Which also reminds me that I am excited to see the new Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants that comes out soon. We have friends coming up to visit on Friday so we are going to head out to the Royals game for Fireworks friday and buck night! In a few weeks, we are headed out to a T-bones game too.

Derek's been working on his motorcycle with his dad each weekend and driving it around more and more often. It's nice that it gets such good gas mileage. Once he beings to drive it to work, I'll probably end up driving his car a bit more since it gets about 10 miles more per gallon.

A friend of ours got us to watch Veronica Mars and we both got really into it! And let me tell you that it is so hard to focus on school work when you would rather be making your way through the seasons! I didn't really expect to like it much, but I think it's pretty good. Derek just thinks Kristen Bell is cute, and she is. One of Meg Cabot's (author of Princess Diaries and other chick lit) books, Queen of Babble, is being made into a movie and she is Lizzie, so I am pretty excited to see that too.

So even with work and school, I have had a great chance to enjoy the summer and have some fun! I know my posts are long, but I hardly ever post, so I have so much to say! Hopefully next time I won't wait so long.


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