Monday, January 19, 2009

Jackson Rolls Over

We had an exciting end to our already fun weekend last night!

Friday night, Derek and I enjoyed a wonderful date night. We used a gift certificate from Christmas to go to Ruby Tuesday's and we redeemed a "Babysit Jackson" coupon from some friends. Dinner was delicious. Then after dinner, we unromantically went to CVS but I needed to go and it is just easier when I don't have to carry Jackson in and out, especially when it's freezing cold outside.

Saturday, Derek had Jackson all afternoon while I joined some ladies from church to make Jackson's Christmas scrapbook. Last year, I got a little pre-made scrapbook from Hallmark, so I just had to put the picture in. I worked a little on his baby book too, gluing in his hospital bracelets, a few pictures, etc... The ladies all had beautiful scrapbooks, but I just don't see myself putting in enough time and effort to have those myself!

Saturday evening we went over to some friends house for taco's and game night. Derek really enjoyed doing guitar stuff with Mike. They pulled out some old recorded tapes of their band back in the day.

Sunday lunch was spent with Derek's parents so they could hang out with Jackson a little bit. While Linda and I were upstairs with Jackson, Derek and Forrest managed to break their router.

Last night, Jackson was being really playful so we decided to get out the video camera just for fun. And then Jackson decided he wanted to roll over and it was so exciting to have gotten it on camera. He rolled over once before on New Years Eve, but hasn't been interested since. Now he is just a rolling machine! It was just so neat to seem him figure it out and put it all together.

And to make our weekend even better, Jackson has slept for 6 hours the past two nights. Derek and I were listening to an old broadcast by Dr. Dobson, who mentioned that one night when their son was little that they just got on their knees to pray for him to sleep longer than a few hours. I was thinking about that as I was falling asleep, but decided that I didn't really need to do that because Jackson isn't a horrible sleeper, but both nights it was as if God was saying, "I'd like to give this night of rest for you if you'd just ask..." So, I did and he slept.

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