Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Happy Baby

He's a happy baby!!!

This is what I hear most from other people about Jackson. I love that he is so happy and will just smile at anyone who is willing to offer a glance in his direction-- and even to those who don't! His favorite are bigger kids who run around at church and come up to say hi. I hear a lot of "wow, he's sure big for 6 months." He is getting bigger, 17-something pounds at his latest check up. He is a tad under 50% in weight, but is longer than average with a slightly larger head. Most important, completely healthy-- despite the many inquiries about why this kid spits up SO much. Like my dad says, "Jackson is the only kid I know who can drink 6 ounces and spit up 12." For those of you who think this is an exaggeration-- you just haven't held this kid yet.

Jackson's 6 month picture (more here)

Since my last post about Jackson he has sure grown a bunch. Jackson is now sitting up on his own with only the occasional flop when he is just tired. He plays with all sorts of toys and puts them all in his mouth. I am sure if he could pick a favorite, it would be paper. It is just so much fun to crinkle, stick in his mouth, and tear it to pieces. A few weeks ago, I had baked cookies and put them in a plastic container so that Derek could take them for a meeting. I put the container on Jackson's lap to carry it out to the car and forgot to take it off before I drove away. Somehow during the drive, Jackson takes off the lid and goes crazy with the napkins. I open the door to find napkin wads in both fists and some in his mouth. He didn't touch the cookies. I should have taken a picture-- he was all smiles like it was the coolest thing to ever happen to him.

Jackson is getting to be pretty mobile. He's not crawling, but he rolls and scoots across the floor. Awhile back, I left him playing in his play yard for a minute to go to the kitchen and I found him across the family room chewing on the vacuum cord. He is starting to pull himself up like on his crib rails or using your hands. I'm really not ready for him to be moving around so much!!

The swing is so much fun!

On most days, Jackson eats a couple times of day getting cereal with a vegetable in at one meal and a fruit in the next. We haven't come across a food yet that he won't eat. He sleeps through the night, but his mornings come around 6:50-7:15 each morning. I blame this on the week when I worked at the daycare 4 days in a row and had to get him up at 6:45. Before that, it was normal for him to sleep until 8:00, but I don't think we'll get back there any time soon.

He has gotten to stay the night with Grammy and Papa a time or two and he always comes back expecting to be cuddled and spoiled all the time. Jackson also gets lots of lovin' from Grandpa Forrest and Grandma Linda. And anytime he is over at their house, Great Grandpa Duff comes over to play too!

Jackson will be 7 months at the end of next week. Unbelievable! It's amazing how much has changed in a year! Last year at this time, we were still waiting to find out if we were having a little boy or girl. We are having so much fun with Jackson right now. His little laughs (sometimes really big ones) and smiles really do make each day so great. I still cuddle with him when he'll hold still and we sing and read books sometimes too. Being a Mommy is just so wonderful!!

Be sure to check out the pictures. He has some really cute pictures in the bathtub, at the park, and at his baby dedication. The newest pictures are at the end of the album.

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