Saturday, May 30, 2009

Videos and Pictures

We've had a lot of fun lately, so we've taken lots of pictures. I've even uploaded a few videos so you can see just how much he has grown! This past week, Jackson crossed over into his seventh month. I can just hardly believe it!

On Memorial Day weekend, Derek and I spent some time up at my parents house and we really enjoyed ourselves. The company is nice plus the food is always wonderful! And randomly, an old friend happened to be driving through the city, and she stopped by and we had a wonderful time visiting! What a surprise! Last weekend was also Jackson's first time swimming-- and he loved it! He splashed and kicked and was just so happy to be in the water- even when he got water in his eyes. I think we have a young Michael Phelps on our hands.

I'm still working part time hours at the daycare at church and Jackson has a little friend named Keliko who is one month younger. Both of these boys are so easy going and I really enjoy taking care of these fellas while I'm at work. Plus they are so super cute and give out lots of smiles.

Jackson and Kel

Going for a walk- Jackson was real concerned about missing
what was going on up front!

More Pictures: The most recent pictures are at the end of the album

Derek and I had our Sunday School kids over on Friday night for a game night party and everyone really had a good time. They played Apples to Apples, Spoons, some games on the Wii, and we had a Sorry! tournament. Click Here are some pictures from the party.

Now for the videos:

We had to lower the mattress in Jackson's crib when he started to pull up!

Jackson and his toy

Jackson LOVES to play with Mia and
she is so patient to let him get away with it!

Aunt Laura really had Jackson laughing!

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