Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Pumpkin Patch

I found this in my drafts and wanted to go ahead and post (even though it was a little over three weeks ago)!

We went to the pumpkin patch today. Linda, Jackson, David (the little boy I watch) and I headed up to Faulkner's Farm in Kansas City and we had such a good time! The weather was perfect- chilly, but sunny- perfect fall weather.

It is so much fun to take Jackson to do things these days. He is interested in so much and now that he is walking more, he really chooses what interests him at the moment. He enjoyed looking at the animals today, but he didn't want to look too closely- or touch.

The hay ride was fun. I haven't been on a hay ride in years! Jackson loved looking around at everything and was babbling about it too. Jackson played on the swings and the slide and he toddled all around. We had fun looking at the pumpkins too and we even found some Jackson-size pumpkins that promptly found their way into Jackson's mouth.

For me though, the most fun part of my day at the pumpkin patch is to see Jackson having so much fun and enjoying himself! And it is really neat to see his personality shining through. He is such a social little boy- he loves being around people and he squeals with delight when he gets to play with other kids. He is also for sure a go-getter, not afraid to just start climbing or exploring. He is ready to figure out the world and is not content to just watch from the stroller. I really truly can't wait to learn more about Jackson and the little guy he is going to become!

Click Here for more pictures.

checking out the horse

Jackson just looks so cool!

Jackson riding the tin horses with David

I'm on a mission to the top!

My little man with the pumpkins!

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