Monday, August 10, 2009

Quickie News Bits

  1. We are all moved at the in-laws. So far so good! Though I will be excited when we are in our place that has only 1 flight of stairs that is blocked by a door!
  2. I've started watching a friend's little boy for the school year. He's 2 1/2 and pretty well behaved.
  3. Jackson has two teeth.
  4. He climbs stairs (see video).
  5. He has also started to walk with his push toy in front of him.
  6. We've gotten a lot of work done on the house: cleared out basement completely (all walls and ceiling), installed new water heater, painted Jackson's closet and closet doors, ordered kitchen cabinet doors (and hinges and pulls), tore down gutters and fascia, began some painting, and appliances have been delivered.
  7. We went to see The Proposal last weekend with friends-- loved it!!!

Jackson fell asleep in the swing

Crawling through the coffee table

Hanging out with Daddy


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