Wednesday, January 6, 2010

2009: A year in review

Our 2009 was a great year. There were many fun times of meeting friends for dinner, going to the movies, and playing board games- and the one awesome game of Canasta when Brad and I creamed Forrest and Mary. We enjoyed a picnic at the park over the summer and dinner on the Plaza just last month. I have made several new friendships and I've reconnected with old friends on Facebook. We took a couple trips down to Springfield to visit old friends and we traveled up to Trenton and Richmond to visit grandparents and families. But more important that all of the actual things we have gotten to do, we've been blessed to have been able to spend so much time together as a family and with our closest friends.
  • We took a nice vacation to Sacramento/San Francisco, California
Derek and Jackson at the Golden Gate Bridge

  • I went with my sisters to a Britney concert in April.
Ashley, Laura and me

We all enjoyed the concert
  • We became an Aunt and Uncle on third wedding anniversary.
Holding Gabe when he was only a few days old
  • We became homeowners and undertook the the challenge to flip it into an updated, livable home for our family.
The house in disarray -
after replacing the foundation, new windows were installed
  • At church, Derek began playing guitar in the worship band and I began singing with the ladies ensemble.
Derek practicing with the band before the service
  • We attended a Royals game, a pre-season Chiefs game, and I attended every show at Starlight theater this summer (Legally Blonde was my favorite, by far!)
On the way into the game with Forrest and Linda

Derek with the guys on the field before the game.

  • With our Sunday School class, we participated in several service projects
We bagged and boxed over 300 pounds
of cereal at Harvester's!

We raised money and walked to support a friend in the
Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation Walk for a Cure.

  • We watched Jackson grow from a teeny baby just learning how to smile to a very busy toddler smiling and laughing all throughout the day.
Jackson at three months old-
January 28th, 2009

Jackson at DeAnna Rose Farmstead
10 months old
  • I enjoyed a few 'firsts' last year- eating KC BBQ, planning a baby birthday party, and parking in my very own garage parking space!
Jackson enjoying some of Arthur Bryant's BBQ

We stand now, looking ahead to what 2010 will bring us and we are a little overwhelmed with some of the big things the Lord has placed on our hearts to do. But, I stand here today to say that when we make it through this year and we reflect on what has taken place I will know that it was the Lord carrying us through because there is no way we could do it on our own. We are so excited for this coming year and I pray that we will live each day to its fullest and to know our true blessings.

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