Friday, February 12, 2010

First Words and Love Sick

Just over the 15 month mark, Jackson began speaking his first words. Last Friday he said circle, octagon, and juice. (I consider his first words as words that I hadn't been prompting him to say. He has long been saying Mama, Dada, and HanNah when you say them over and over to him.) In the past week, he has added a couple of words to his vocabulary including fish and ball, and now Chacey.

I found him this morning pacing in his crib- back and forth, back and forth- saying "Ch-cy, Ch-cy, Ch-cy" over and over again and we practically jumped out of my arms when he saw her playing in the family room. He has followed her all day. When she went down for a nap, he stood outside the door point in saying "Ch-cy, ch-cy." At lunch time, he didn't want to eat before Chacey was seated and eating next to him. I'm not sure what has come over him- it's almost as if Cupid made a visit to our house last night and made our 15 month old boy love sick! And Elizabeth, Chacey's mom, told me that last night Chacey went to find her coat and was ready to head out the door to visit "Yackson". I guess Cupid made a visit to her house, as well.

At the rate these two are going (see previous post) I would not be surprised in anyway if they end up married by kindergarten. Oh well, at least we only have to pay for the rehearsal dinner, which if it were up to him would be Goldfish and whole milk. I think we could handle that.

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