Thursday, March 4, 2010

A day in the life of...

... a 16 month old endless ball of energy, a.k.a. Jackson. 

Sometimes I wonder why I can't get more done each day since I stay at home. After documenting my day with photos and looking back, I am reminded that I am constantly busy trying to keep up with my son! I did not stage, nor prompt any of these photos.

First, he "helps" with laundry by emptying his hamper


 Obviously, he wanted something from the bottom of the hamper


Why ask for help when you can just do it yourself?

Clapping for the contestants on The Price is Right

Dancing too!

In order to get my keys, he had to climb a chair to get my 
purse off the table. Then, he felt the need to lock the door.

 He'll sit still for a cup of juice!
Isn't he super cute?!?!

He found Derek's hat and put it on himself and wore it around the house. His expression is priceless! 

Checking out the squirrels outside.

Ugh! These blinds are in my way!
This is his way of asking me to raise the blinds.

A favorite spot to play- the toy chest

And then he empties it out.

 A snack on the way to the park

The swings are his favorite.

The slide is a close second. 
When we were up at the top of the slide, I practically had to dive to catch him as he started to go head first down this slide. This kid has no fear.

Back home: Unbuckle me already!!!

Finally, the sleeping position- tush in the air, one arm around blanket, the other tucked under his belly. Unfortunately, he didn't fall asleep. He fussed for awhile. But fell asleep while drinking a cup of milk while I rocked him.

And this is only nap time. We still had an entire evening ahead! I actually look forward to my evenings when I have class sometimes because I know I will be able to enjoy sitting still for a bit! Even after following this kid around today (and taking care of two others) I was still able to do three loads of laundry (with the joy of folding clothes twice. Thanks Jackson!), emptied and loaded the dishwasher, made a quiche for tomorrow's playdate, picked up Jackson's room, and managed to get a little bit of studying done for my midterm.

No wonder I am exhausted. But it truly is the best type of exhaustion ever. The pictures don't show the hugs, kisses, and cuddles that he gives me. Or his belly laugh about things that aren't really that funny. I love being a mommy!

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