Monday, March 29, 2010

Derek's Golden Birthday

This year was Derek's Golden Birthday- he turned 26 on the 26th. (How ironic that our bill was $26.03 when we went to Arthur Bryant's that night!) Of course, Derek didn't really care, but I think it's fun to celebrate. So, I threw a last minute surprise party together for people to get together at his parents house after church on Sunday night. Thanks everyone for coming!!

His birthday loot:
  • 26 dollar bills (x2)
  • 26 Dr. Peppers (x2)
  • 26 bags of Cheez-Its
  • 26 Mini-Snickeres
  • 26 Bite-size Snickers
  • 26 pieces of candy (x2)
  • 26 pistachios
  • 26 facebook wall-posts (haha!!)
And of course, a few pictures!  Instead, his mom made his favorite chocolate chip cookies. So, we opted for candles in the pizza (we had eight of them!). And we didn't have a six either, so we improvised with  4+1+1. 

    Jackson going through Derek's gifts

    And finding a use for the cans that are just lying around. He got them stacked 5 high on top of the coffee table. Pretty impressive.

    So when Derek goes to buy something for $26 in ones- what type of job will the cashier think Derek has?

    Me and the birthday boy!

    Aunt Laura and Jackson!

    Dad has plenty- why can't he share?!? I bet I'd like Dr. Pepper if you'd let me have some.

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