Saturday, March 20, 2010

He's glued and good to go

What were you doing exactly five weeks ago tonight? We were at Children's Mercy Urgent Care getting Jackson taken care of-- which is precisely what we did this evening as well. For my sanity and checking account's sake- I hope this doesn't become routine.

It started out as a nice evening watching the alumni game at the school. Jackson is chillin' with Daddy and enjoying a chicken nugget.

This was about the only five seconds that Jackson sat still. We lapped the gym several times in the 45 minutes we were there. Jackson was his normal, super busy self. Next thing I know, HanNah says, "Jackson just hit his head," and I see Derek walk off with Jackson. Too myself, I think, "Eh, it's no big deal, he hits his head all of the time." But then I see Derek and Jackson across the gym and even from that far away I could see all the blood. 

 I remember a story that Mom used to tell about how I got a cut on my head when I was just a little older than Jackson. She would tell me how worried she was because the would bled so much, but then it turned out to be a little scrape. So, I kept that in mind as we began to clean him up in the boys bathroom. The cut was small in size, but pretty deep. Fortunately, we got the bleeding to slow way down. Brooke found us some juice and a cookie and Jackson was back to his normal self. But still, we thought it'd be better to get it checked out for sure.

The temporary band-aid to hold us over.

My mom had called earlier to say she decided to come visit for the evening. She wanted to check out our finished master bedroom and to come play with Jackson. She got in town right as we were getting ready to leave, so Jackson and I left with her to head to Children's Mercy. Derek stayed behind just because we didn't think it'd be necessary to have three adults and he could at least enjoy the rest of the game. While Mom did get to spend the evening playing with Jackson, she has still not seen our bedroom.

Thank goodness she was there! He was super busy and I was super pooped. Mom reads Jackson a book.

She also teaches him Ring Around the Rosie- he loved it.

Seriously, who needs a fish tank when you can just have a huge tv and a fish DVD (think of the perks-no fish food or cleaning the tank!). Jackson LOVES fish, so he was very entertained by the ever changing fish tank.

After a reasonable amount of waiting, we go back into a room and wait another 20 minutes to see the nurse. I wish we could have just stayed in the waiting room because there was lots to keep him occupied. Instead, he has fun crinkling up the paper on the exam table, opening and slamming the cabinet doors, and even took time to play Patty-cake. 

And he broke a clipboard. That's okay, just put it on the tab.

The nurse comes in around 9:00 to put some numbing cream on the wound so that it can sit for thirty minutes before the doctor would come repair it. While the picture looks like the cut is pretty lame, it really was deep and wide cut.

Forty more minutes later in the tiny, nothing-to-do room, way past Jackson's bedtime, the doctor comes in to take a look. Jackson cried as soon as she put on the gloves. She decided that glue would be sufficient. If we had gotten stitches, it only would have been one and then we'd have to come back to get it removed. Since it was a straight cut, the glue prevent the cut from opening back up and wouldn't contribute to more scarring.

What happened next was miserable to watch- horrible. They swaddle Jackson tight and it takes two nurses to hold him down and still while the other nurse flushes out the wound. This takes about 10 minutes. Then, the doctor glued the cut together and put a different glue on to hold down the bandages that would cover the opening. It probably took around 10 minutes as well. But seriously, it might as well have been an hour. It is pure torture to hear your baby scream SO loudly and so desperately. 

He calmed down after several minutes of consoling- and after we turned on the television. The swelling has gone way down, but a definite bruise is already forming (to match the one he got yesterday).

As expected, Jackson fell asleep on the way home around 10:30ish. The plan was to get Jackson's Easter pictures taken in the morning- but that's not going to happen. I suppose it can wait- assuming that he can stay away from any major bumps and bruises in the meantime. Doubtful.

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  1. wow! that poor kiddo! that stinks! glad that glue did the trick! but i do agree with Stacey, the hubs hair looks mighty fine! good job with the scissors!


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