Thursday, March 18, 2010

Money Saving Webites

Just few months after we got married, Derek and I went to lunch with some friends. I walked into Quizno's with a coupon in hand and my friend said to her husband, "See, I knew she'd have one with her!" Obviously, it was no secret that I, am in fact, am cheap. We had previously decided where to eat lunch, so I thought I'd check online to see if I could find a coupon. By taking just a few minutes before we left the house, we were able to enjoy a free sandwich that afternoon.

There are people out there that are amazing with the coupons and spend $45 for an entire week of groceries, like my friend Callie. That is not me. I don't get the Sunday paper to clip coupons and I am doing good if I get to the grocery store one or two times a month. Instead, I do a lot of shopping at Aldi's and stock up on really good deals when they come up.

However, I thought I'd share some of the sites that have saved me tons of money and that I check pretty regularly. Normally, this takes about 30 seconds just to check unless something tweaks my interest and I'll spend a couple of minutes reading how to get the amazing deal.
This is a forum site. Everyday people like you and me post deals that they have found. Other people rate the deals and moderators determine the 'slickness' of the deals posting the hottest deals on the front page. I check this site daily, though I only find something that is a deal for me maybe once a month-ish. If, you are looking for something specific, you can use the search bar or browse through the specific forums (hot deals, freebies, coupons, etc...). I've ended up with several freebies (samples, coupons for toys, hotdogs, Chipotle, etc.), magazine subscriptions for $3 (ESPN, Seventeen), photo prints for pennies. We got a package of 80 batteries for $8 once. I even got in a research study for AOL that paid $200 a few years ago. It's nice because other people do the work and I just check and get the deal myself! Beware of buying things you don't need just because you can get it for a few dollars- not that it has ever happened in this house.

I use the Penny Pinching Parent website for three things. Mainly these days, I just check out the Savings Sunday post that gets put up each week that lists the deals on all things baby (diaper, wipes, food, clothes) for the week. When something like Huggies goes on sale, they'll also include what coupons are available to maximize your savings. Unless you are a professional diaper shopper it's hard to know the best deal when comparing the price to and the number of diapers in a Mega, Ultra, Jumbo-packs of diapers in each brand! The posts How Many Diapers in a Pack and How Much to Pay Per Diaper are easy references in navigating the world of diaper shopping.
I am new to this site, but I LOVE it. For those of you who aren't from KC, no worries- this is part of a network that has a site for most major cities. With a few posts a day, this site keeps you up to date with freebies, deals, and activities in the KC area. There are pages for the cheapest gas in the area, where kids eat free, and items that are always free. It's super easy to find your way around.
Craigslist is amazing. It is simple, easy to navigate, and so handy. Not only did I find my house through a listing on Craigslist, but a majority of the items in it- front door, laminate flooring, cabinet doors, bathroom mirror, light fixtures, living room tables, dishes... and I could go on. I have gotten books, DVDs, toys, Derek's car... just about everything. It is as simple as emailing someone. Most everyone can be talked down on price and it's super easy to do since haggling can be done on email and not face to face. And for those of you with a "green" conscious- it's a great way to pass along items that you don't use. I actually got all of the supplies for Jackson's birthday party from a lady who had extras and didn't want to throw them away- and I got them for free!!! At one point I had a kazillion baby food jars lying around and I found someone who was looking for some for crafts for VBS- such a better way to get rid of stuff. A few tips- I always make sure to see a picture of the item, keep in mind that "vintage" normally means "crap", and always meet somewhere public and out in the open (Gas stations, store parking lots, etc...).

Of course, there is always Google. If you know you are heading to a certain restaurant, do a simple search to see if coupons are other there. Same with department store coupons. Most restaurants will send you a free something if you register and give them your birthday.

All these sites are hit and miss. Sometimes there's a deal, sometimes there's not. And sometimes it's just easier to go out and buy what you need without hassle. However, for those of you trying to cut back on spending these are some great resources! Happy Shopping!

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  1. I recommend She posts a lot of freebies, high-value printable coupons and deals for various grocery and drug stores. She also posts interesting recipes and does "freezer cooking days," giving ideas of items you can freeze to save time later. Plus she's a Christian and posts about that from time to time, too.


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