Tuesday, March 9, 2010

My Little Einstein

While I know that every mother thinks that their child is the cutest, smartest thing to ever come into this world- I really, truly know that mine IS the cutest and the smartest little 16 month old out there today. :) No bias. Here's a video of him reading a book. I wish it wasn't so dark, but it's still a cute video.

Seriously though, Jackson is at such a fun age. He is learning new things every day- picking up new talents and saying new words. He's finally letting us know that he understands our world! So when Daddy says things like, "Ugh. Why don't you go mess on Mom's computer instead of mine," Jackson promptly comes over to my computer and bangs on my keyboard.

And he picks up on things that we haven't even specifically taught him either. Like how he knows that keys go in the door (even though he's using the car keys). I suppose it's time to really pay attention our every little action before he picks up on something we don't want him too. And how not fair is it that Derek will  be gone for close to eight months- so that when Jackson does says or does something to incriminate a bad habit, I can't just say, "Oh, he picked that up from his father..."

Here are some pictures from this weekend when Jackson helped us with some much needed yard work on Monday.

He was actually putting leaves 
on the sidewalk so he could sweep them up.

Seriously, could he be cuter?

Good thing he was there to push the wagon!

Big helper!!


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