Sunday, March 7, 2010

She's a fighter!

There was a time at Grandma's house when Katelyn was a little girl (maybe four-ish) and she had to sit in a chair until she apologized for some silly thing and she sat there for three hours until she finally decided to say sorry. Katelyn has proven to be just as stubborn to win this fight against her veno-occlusive disease.
Katelyn's Senior Picture 

A week ago at this time, our family waited in suspense as we wondered if she would make it through the weekend. What a relief it was to hear the doctor come in today to report that her liver and kidneys are rapidly returning to normal function. They have taken her of her CPAP and she's expected to be moved out of the ICU tomorrow. Praise the Lord!

 It's so good to see her smile!! 
Katelyn with boyfriend Mat, who has been up to visit her 
several times and is such a support for her!

This is my second trip up to the Mayo Clinic to visit Katelyn. The clinic is actually a group of several hospitals here in the city. Last time, Katelyn was undergoing radiation and was receiving a blood transfusion. She was mobile and we even left downtown to go visit family in the area. This time, she's in Pediatric ICU. It's amazing to see the technology of modern medicine, yet heartbreaking at the same time to walk these halls and see babies and young kids in such severe conditions. There is a toddler down the hall waiting for a heart transplant. It takes a certain strength of person to be able to work in this sort of environment.
 There are just many machines, cords, and tubes behind this column
that Katelyn is hooked up to in her room.

The staff here is amazing. Everyone that I have met has been friendly, kind, and positive. They have lovingly challenged her to get out of bed and pushed her gently to gain her strength and lung capacity.

Katelyn, Dr. Miller & Dr.Reynolds.
These are the 2 residents that made a cake for her.

Thank you SO much for all of your prayers for Katelyn over the course of her entire treatment, but specifically for the prayers you've offered this past week. I know that I have filled my status updates and everyday conversations with prayer requests and I want to thank all of you who have been so supportive. I am confident that her tremendous progress is a result of the prayers that have been said on her behalf. Last Wednesday night there were prayer groups from across the country and even the world that lifted Katelyn up in prayer. Our family cannot thank you enough!

What's next: Katelyn will not be undergoing her third and final chemotherapy treatment. With her liver and kidney's almost functioning as they should, her main obstacle will be to undergo physical and occupational therapy to regain her strength and motor skills. Ultimately, once she recovers she will be able to go home! Of course, there are several weeks ahead of work to get to that point, but how exciting to see the end in sight. Please continue to pray for Katelyn's health that it will continue to improve. Her most immediate need is to be able to eat so that she can have her feeding tube removed.

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