Friday, March 26, 2010

Shower in the Kitchen

I've been asked, "Doesn't it get boring being a stay-at-home-mom?" It is evident that these people have never met Jackson. My life is never boring. Every day is surprise- never knowing what on earth Jackson has in store for me!

Yesterday, I was cooking in the kitchen. I had already baked some banana bread and was starting on dinner. Jackson was playing so contently with the tupperware containers, cookie cutters, and climbing in drawers. (Notice my shoes in the cabinet.)

 So, as I am cooking I can hear Jackson in the kitchen and assume that he is still playing responsibly. What was I thinking!?!? I glance in his direction to find him taking a shower with water from the refrigerator door. He wasn't just damp- he was SOAKED, literally dripping on the floor. A kitchen towel wouldn't suffice, I had to go get a bath towel to clean up the lake that was in the middle of my floor.

Look at that face. What'd I do? Fortunately, we purchased a refrigerator model with a lock feature for the ice and water dispenser. We will undoubtedly be using it from now on.

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