Wednesday, April 21, 2010

My Birthday Week

I have friends who love to countdown to their birthdays. In early August, I received probably 7 missed calls and frantic text messages from my sister that said "call me!" all in one day. With knots in my stomach thinking something bad had happened I call her back immediately to become relieved and annoyed to hear "Guess what?!? It's only (x) days until my birthday! EEK!" I have another friend, Tricia, who starts the countdown to her birthday at approximately 364 days.

I had a teacher in high school (favorite teacher ever) who always gave us neat projects to do and one was to make a poster of the events of your birthday week. Without a doubt, my presentation was the most devastating of the class. And ever since that assignment, I cannot forget these events. (I looked up these events to get links, but I promise you I still remembered this stuff from the 11th grade!) Instead of a countdown, it's almost like a mourning period for historic events leading up to the day of my birth.

That's 83,254 notable deaths in history just in this week of the year. See, I told you it was a depressing countdown!

I share a birthday with Tony Danza, but that's as interesting as it gets. I did find out just today that on the exact day of my birth the Footloose album took over as the number one album- replacing Michael Jackson's Thriller. Maybe this can explains my lack of appreciation for his music. I'd much rather listen to Footloose than MJ anyday.


  1. Only b/c I'm a Virginia Tech fan.. it was actually April 16, not April 17th. So I guess that fills your week of birthday devastation

  2. yay! i love birthdays!! mine's just the easiest to count down to! ;)
    i'm going to have to research my birthday week! the only thing i know is that i share my birthday with Donald Duck & David Justice (<-- Cutie!!)

  3. Tricia, it is so super easy to look it up. The History Channel website has a "pick a date" option on the right hand column- or if click on one of the links, you'll be right there!


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