Monday, April 19, 2010

Sugar and Spice

... and everything nice- that's what girls are made of.

I love my rough and tough little boy, but I pray that I will get just one (and only one) sweet little girl in future offspring! God, are you listening?? This cutie patootie is cuddling with me as I type. Don't be jealous because this is what I do for a job.

It is quite possible that I hope for a little girl for all the wrong reasons- more or less a real-life dress-doll. Little girl stuff is just way too cute.  Did you catch the sparkly jeans?? Do you see these shoes?

I have to admit that I appreciate the days when her daddy gets her ready so I get to do her hair (that's just not a dad thing, ya know). Furthermore, I must admit that I do pigtails when I get the chance despite knowing that her daddy thinks they are kinda goofy, but little girls are made for pigtails. Check out this diva outfit!

And just so Jackson won't be jealous- I'll be sure to include a picture of the handsome little man:

And here is a short video clip of David from when he spent the night last week. Derek has been practicing his push-ups for his upcoming drill this weekend. David noticed and decided to join in. Derek told him to get on his hands and toes and then I instructed him to then touch his nose on the ground. He goes from his toes, to his knees, bends down to touch his nose, then back to his toes... it was too cute to see him follow Derek's every move.

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  1. OK, she is precious! You may have just talked me into wanting a little girl!!


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