Thursday, April 1, 2010

Thrifty Thursday: Jello

Derek takes a sack lunch to work just about everyday. This is a great way to save on eating out costs alone, though I still try to find ways to cut back on some of things he likes to pack in his lunch. One way I have been able to do that is with Jello- and it is SO easy to do. To buy a 6-pack of Jello (36 oz) can run over $2.50 while I can make the same for $1 (two packages) and I can get the sugar free, 5 calorie stuff without paying extra. This takes about 10 minutes, start to finish.

Each batch makes 4-4oz servings. I have several 4 oz containers, so it works out great. I like to make two batches at a time because it really is so simple and it will last about two weeks.

The Jello- They have all sorts of the sugar free flavors. 

To make the Jello, you just need 1 cup boiling water to mix with 1 cup cold water. Pour in the mix, stir until all dissolved and then you're ready to go.  

My measuring cups have pouring spouts so it works out great to get the Jello in the container.

Two packages will make 8 four ounce servings. I used to have three complete sets of four 4-oz containers, but I could only find five containers, but I decided to add fruit to a couple and put it in a bigger container. Derek doesn't like fruit in his Jello, but the kids will love it. I added some banana and pineapple. 

While it may seem that like it's a hassle to save only a dollar or so, if you can save $1.50 a week or even just a couple times a month- it can really add up. Plus, it's a great snack to have anytime- it only has 5 calories! This is a much better sweet snack for the kiddos instead of animal crackers or pudding. 

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