Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Are you my Daddy?

While Jackson's vocabulary is increasing everyday, he continues to call every man "Dada" and every older man "Papa." Sometimes it's just a person in a book and sometimes it's random men at the grocery store. The National Guard picnic this weekend sure threw Jackson for a loop when there were several "dadas" and they were all wearing the same PT uniform-- he'd walk over to someone and look up, then realize that it wasn't really Daddy at all! It sort of reminded me of this book:

Of course, this leaves an image of Jackson walking up to different men while Derek is gone asking, "Are you my Daddy?" Oh well, it's not the worst thing. He'll come home and Jackson will adjust and never know the difference.

Anyway, the picnic was fun and we all ended up winning some loot from the raffle. Derek- a mug, Jackson- a hat, and I got a sweatshirt!

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