Monday, May 3, 2010

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I spent most of my time last week researching and writing a paper for my Cognitive Psych class. Being overloaded with information that I just couldn't keep to myself (feel sorry for my mom who spent six hours in a car with me right after the midterm), I have brought up the topic in several conversations and have received comments along the lines of "that's interesting" and "I didn't know that."

Sooooooo....... Here's a link to my paper. Single spaced for your reading pleasure (and because my professor is "green" and simplistic.)

Okay, so I realize that only a few of the people that really love me will actually read it, but here's the basics:
  • you can and do generate new brain cells as adults
  • exercise enhances new cell growth significantly
  • exercise and new brain cell growth is linked to better learning, keeping depression at bay, and in the recovery of brain injury or trauma (i.e. recovery from radiation damage in the brain- Katelyn, this is for you!)
This post may or may not be in response to having to give the camera I was borrowing back to my parents so they could take pics of my sisters all prettied up for prom this weekend. Dad asked me if he needed to give me the camera back before I could update my blog. Haha. Nope! Give it a few hours before he calls and tried to figure out how to get the camera back to me asap. (I have a feeling he keeps up with the blog because of the stories/pictures/videos of his grandson and not because he's super anxious to read by graduate school papers.)

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