Saturday, May 15, 2010

Girls Night Out

A major perk of having mediocre (at best) sports teams is the promotions they have in order to get people to attend the games. So last night, I went with a group of girlfriends up to Kauffman Stadium to celebrate Girls Night Out with the Royals. I was pretty excited just to get a free t-shirt!

 So, I was even more excited to find more treats once we got there! I enjoyed some chocolate covered strawberries, a hand massage, perfume samples, vitamin water, raffles. I still haven't figured out what the Weed Killer booth was all about- maybe they signed up for the wrong night?? But the best thing of all-- a wonderful, relaxing massage.

Of course you look ridiculous sitting in this chair, but I won't complain-- even if she did ask me if the finals I mentioned were from high school. Nope, that was eight years ago. The massage was wonderful and the three minutes went by too quickly.

I didn't get back to my seat until it was the third inning, but I didn't miss much. The game was pretty uneventful until the Royals unleashed their A-game in the 7th inning-- they scored 5 runs! Not much more happened in the game after that, but we enjoyed (not) the couple in front of us and their very public displays of affection. They will never know the laughter they brought to us as I am sure they will be the butt of our jokes for some time to come.

And of course, there were Friday Night Fireworks after the game just to make the night even more fun. It was a blast and well worth my $13 ticket!

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