Sunday, May 30, 2010

The January Pool

Last winter, Derek and I were on a routine trip to Walmart when I happened to see some cool summer stuff on major clearance. Derek questioned, probably even mocked just a little, the fact that I wanted to purchase a pool in the midst of the worst winter the midwest has seen in years. But now that we have an awesome little pool sitting in our driveway that is now selling for $30 (we payed a whoppin' $3!), he thinks it's pretty cool.

Jackson helped fill it up with water.

He's got a deer in the headlight look on his face-- but it was the only pic I had of him actually looking at me. Little stinker.

The pool came with 4 inflatable butterflies that velcro onto the palm trees. How handy! I love that the pool has a top to help keep the sun out, but it still allows enough sun through to help warm up the water. Needless to say, Jackson loves his pool. He's played in it now four times in the past three days- and once, he even climbed in his regular clothes. He refuses to sit in the water, but he likes to splash water everywhere. I'd say it's a pretty good investment for only a couple dollars!!


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