Sunday, June 6, 2010

Bubble, Turch, and Tic-Tacs

Jackson was so proud to carry his Bible (sounds a bit like 'bubble') into church (pronounced, 'turch') this morning. Okay, I was too! It's so cool to see him excited to go to church and learn about the Bible! I won't mention that he threw it on the ground as soon as he saw Roy (aka, the tic-tac man) and ran up to him to say, "sna, sna." We're still working on his manners. 

Jackson is prepared for church- his backpack, blanket, and Bible!

Roy is magic with his tic-tacs. For some it's motivation to use the potty, some it's just for fun, but with our son, it's the bribing technique he uses to keep Jackson from screaming (high pitched, ear piercing screaming) when we drop him off. I just don't understand it. We drop him off in the nursery three times a week. Jackson is 80ish weeks old, so that is approximately 240 times we've dropped him off and have faithfully come to pick him up each and every time. (Not that I can say that about Grandma- I forgot to tell Derek we were supposed to take her home last Wednesday night, so he had to go back and get her. Oops!!). So seriously Jackson-- cut it out! Please!!!


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