Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Dear Daddy,

Mom took Chacey and me to Wal-mart this morning. I had lots of fun opening packages and throwing things out of the cart- especially when the yogurt exploded on the floor. I doubt we will be going back soon- I don't think Mom had as much fun! When Mom put your favorite Pop-Tarts into the cart, they just looked kind of boring, so I opened the package and made funny shapes with them by squishing and squeezing each packet! I hope you feel extra loved when you go to open your Pop-Tarts one morning and it all crumbles all over your lap on your way to work. I really do love you, Daddy! Even though I was sharing my love, Mom was being so mean!! She'd put food in the cart and even though I whined and cried the whole time, she wouldn't let me eat anything. I hardly ever get to eat, I'm always starving. Why wouldn't she let me raw bacon?!?

I think Mommy was very confused... she kept said that I was driving her crazy, but I wasn't even driving the cart. Daddy, why doesn't the fish store have car-carts like the orange store you take me to every time Mommy leaves me with you? Well, Mommy is saying that it's time for me to take a nap. She thinks that just because I am rubbing my eyes, staring off into space, and fussing at everything that I'm tired. It's just not true. I am never tired. I can't wait for you to come home tonight so we can play tackle! You're my favorite Daddy!! (you know I have lots- since I call all men Daddy- even when they give me and Mommy weird looks when I do!) I love you lots and lots!

Love, Jackson

Oh! And I found Mommy's purse today so I put on her sunglasses and put the purse on my shoulder and said, "bye bye!" Why does she always have to get the camera?? And then I dumped it all out.



  1. oh geez...you've had a good morning too, huh? what can i say about these boys except they are their father's children!

  2. Stopping by from iFellowship!! What a cute blog and a beautiful family! Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday!! =)

  3. LOL
    I have had those kinds of trips to the store many times. I feel for you.

    It is so funny that you were above me in the McLinky for iFellowship today. My blog post is about being a mom and wearing many hats.

  4. Hi there! I am stopping by from iFellowship! Hilarious post! I love how you captured the VERY heart/thought process of your child!! It is so true and funny!! You are so clever! :)

  5. Thanks for joining the iFellowship today!

    Cuuuute blog!


  6. This is so funny Amy! I like the "driving me crazy, but not driving the cart" line! Very cute! Yup, it can be quite a shopping experience with the little ones! You have to keep a sense of humor! Have a great night!

    Mama Hen

  7. LOL, couldn't stop laughing:)
    btw, I'm following you now, hope you follow back because i love making new bloggy friends:)

  8. haha I love the poptarts!! I laughed so hard!! So cute with the sunglasses & the purse!


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