Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day (x4)

To My Father:
You have surpassed all "dad-duties" this year in, not only in serving as the general contractor for our house remodel, but in becoming a friend and someone I call just because. Okay, there is normally some sort of house/car/yard question in each conversation, but I promise that's not always my intention! The past few months have been tough for you and I wish that I could've done more. But, like I said on your card: This gift certificate doesn't come close to what you deserve, but I promise to get you the best nursing home care that Trenton has to offer someday. You are a great Papa to Jackson- he loves you very much. I know that he is just aching to be old enough to build all of those kits that you've gotten from Lowe's. And the use the shotgun you bought him among all the other cool things you have in store. Thanks for everything. We love you!

To the father of my son:
You are such a great daddy to Jackson. There's a reason that he looks out the window each afternoon waiting to see your car pull in the driveway-- he just cannot wait to play with you! It is one of my most favorite things to see you and Jackson rolling around, tackling, chasing, boxing (maybe not so much this one) with him and the giggles I hear in delight because Jackson is so happy with you. I know you feel a little guilty about missing out on watching him grow up for the several months that you will be gone, but you are still being a great daddy by serving this country and making it a safe place for us and all the other little kids here too. Thank you for working hard and providing for our family, and keeping a positive attitude about your job, even when it's stressful sometimes. I would not want to raise a family with anyone but you. I love you!

To my Father-in-Law
The majority what you've done for me was before I even knew your son. You taught him what it means to be a loving husband and a wonderful father. You are also a top-notch father-in-law, too. I know that you'd be there for me whenever I needed and that you'd do it with a smile on your face. You are one of Jackson's favorite people and I enjoy seeing both of your faces light up whenever you see each other. I am thankful to have married into the family.

To Grandpa Duff:
The Grandpa's that I grew up with have all passed away, but you invited me into this family from the very first time I met you. We were so excited to hear you were moving back to the great midwest after Jackson was born. Thank you so much for coming over on the days when I have class and playing with Jackson until Derek gets home. Without you, grad school wouldn't be a possibility for me. We love meeting you at McDonald's for lunch and all the toys (even the noisy, singing pig) that you spoil Jackson with. We love you!


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