Wednesday, June 2, 2010

It's on my list

In a conversation with some friends a few weeks ago, I made the comment "it's on my list" no less than four times in about 20 minutes in regards to getting things done, books to read, and movies to see. Since then, I have caught myself using the phrase all of the time. I opted out of taking a full course load this summer so that I can attend to things in order to prepare for Derek to leave, which is now only 52 days away, yet I find my mental list still just as long as before. In posting my lists, I am hoping that ya'll will help hold me accountable to getting these things done!

Preparation for Derek leaving       House To-Do List
  Getting Power of Attorney               Fix antenna on TV
  Prepare a will                                   Fix dryer (heating element)
  Make videos for Jackson                  Seed the backyard
  Make a picture book                        Paint soffit/awning
  Enroll Tri-care                                    Grout Master bath
  Organize bills/accounts                    Finish built-in cabinet
  Military IDs                                       Install new counter top

In the midst of preparing for Derek leaving, I also have several things I need/want to get done before Julie arrives, just six days later. For example, this is the current condition of Julie's room:
It has become the catch-all for our laundry that we hate folding, as well as several other miscellaneous items. Considering that she is a teenage girl and her room may very well end up looking like this once she gets here (goodness knows that mine sure did) but I suppose it should actually be clean for when she arrives.

Prep for Julie
  Clean room
  Make/Alter curtains
  Make decoupage letters
  Hang shelves
  Determine house rules*
  Purchase Bible

*something tells me that rules for teenage girls vary from those for toddler boys. She probably won't have issues such as hitting, screaming, or throwing her sippy cup. I don't want to make lots of strict rules, but just the basic let me know what you're doing, no texting until 2am, homework comes before friends type of thing.

Okay, I can do this!



  1. Make sure to get SPECIFIC powers of attorney. The general one isn't really good for anything. Get a medical one, a financial one, etc.


  2. I don't know-I bought a house while Chris was deployed with just his general power of attorney

  3. I love this! I live off of lists... I'm pretty sure I couldn't survive without them!

  4. You're in my prayers. I will never complain about my list again. :-P


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