Monday, June 7, 2010

My healthy boy who doesn't play pretend.

I took Jackson in for his 18 month check up today (he's 19 months, two weeks). The doctor said he's healthy and happy- a perfect combination. And no shots today, woo hoo!!!

weight: 28 pounds - 80th percentile
height: 34 inches- 80th percentile
Head circumference 20.25 inches- 97th percentile

She went through an Autism awareness checklist and was pretty inquisitive about his (in)ability to pretend. I just really don't think kids posses the cognitive ability to play pretend at this age. Maybe he does play pretend and I'm just not seeing it. He sometimes picks up something that's not a phone and says hello like it is a phone, but I don't think it's pretend- it just resembles a phone. He doesn't go over to the Elmo kitchen and pretend cook or have a pretend tea party (their example). I am confident that Jackson does not have autism, however I wish she wouldn't have talked about it so much. 

Babbling and pointing (which is a very non-Autistic thing to do) while we wait.

Next appointment- two years. But I'm still in denial that he can even be anywhere close to the two year mark. It just isn't happening.


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  1. I wouldn't worry about it too much, seriously. The kiddos in my class are all at different stages with pretending and they are 24-36 months old. As his language skills develop you will start to see more pretend play. Have you ever tried giving him a baby doll to see what he does with it? That is some of the most easily observed pretend play time. Love the blog, and love reading about Jackson!


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