Sunday, June 13, 2010

Operation Photobook

Operation photobook has started. I have received tons of suggestion and have read through a bazillion forums about things to do for kids while their daddies are gone.

This is my plan:
  • Photobook with tons of pics with Jackson and Daddy
  • Video messages/reading books
  • Operation-give-a-hug Daddy doll (given to us by a fellow National Guard wife/mom friend)
  • Poster sized Daddy so Jackson can still give him hugs and kisses
  • Build-a-bear with a message from Daddy (maybe- it's kind of expensive!)
I know this is a ton of stuff, but I just want to do my best to keep Derek a major part of Jackson's life while he's gone. I don't really know what's going to be the most effective and what things Jackson will love the most, so I want to get as many things together and then if we only really use a few things, that's okay.

I'm attempting to take pictures of Jackson and Derek doing different things so it can be read kind of like a book. I haven't decided how to create the book yet. I want to avoid the photobooks that use poster paper because Jackson will tear that to pieces in minutes. This website sells a boardbook that you insert pictures into ($20). This website has blank board books that you print off labels and stick them to the pages (4/$21). I've also considered a flipbook from Wal-Mart that is pretty much just 4x6 photos binded together ($5.00 up). I am leaning towards the last option. Any opinions?? Advice??

Jackson and Daddy go for a ride in the wagon

Jackson and Daddy at the park (mesmerised by the skateboarders)

Okay, so I don't have a ton of pictures yet... but I will have my camera with me now more than ever trying to get those day-to-day moments captured and printed for Jackson!


  1. The kids in my class can tear through pretty much anything. What I would do to make sure that it is indestructible would be to just make it myself by putting pictures on cardstock and then putting contact paper over it. Will it be the prettiest looking book in the world? No. But he shouldn't be able to tear through it. You can get laminating contact paper that is clear and looks like lamination but will last longer.

  2. A second to contact paper. I'd actually recommend whichever book is cheaper then doing the contact paper.

    Julian had a favorite book when he was little and once I put contact paper on the pages, there were never, ever anymore tears/rips/problems.


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