Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A surprising reaction

I will avoid using any lame puns to describe how much fun we had at Worlds of Fun yesterday. We had a great time. As soon as we got there, we took Jackson to Camp Snoopy and he had fun riding all the rides, jumping in the big moonwalk thing, and playing in the big ball pit too.  After about two and half hours (nap time!), my wonderful Mom came and picked up Jackson so that Derek and I could go back to the park and ride the roller coasters and stuff. It was an exhausting day, but fun.

Jackson and me getting ready to ride the Wacky Worm

Derek and Jackson on the choo-choo (aka, the train)

Once he figured out that the steps made noise, Jackson had a lot of fun stomping his feet like crazy. It was cute.

Jackson responded differently to the rides differently than we expected. He just acted differently than normal. This is how he rode the Wacky Worm (an actual "roller coaster"). Hands on his lap, just enjoying the ride.
 He never smiled or laughed... he just sat there!! But as soon as the ride stopped, he'd sign "more, more" in an instant.

This video is a good representation of the day. He was just in his own world when he's on a ride. He wouldn't look at us and he wouldn't wave or smile, but he definitely wanted more when it was over. Check out that good signing!! He'd even run up to the rides and climb in the little cars (planes, horses, ladybugs- it was all basically the same ride). I guess he just didn't know how to process it all, but he was still super cute!


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