Sunday, July 25, 2010

And he's gone...

I'm a horrible wife. Instead of sobbing my eyes out right now, I am actually experiencing feelings more closely relate to relief, like this moment couldn't have come soon enough.

Anticipating this day has been emotionally exhausting for the past several months, but especially this week. We have filled our time with finishing house projects, making sure to hang out with as many people as possible, and trying to make every moment count. Yet looking back at our week, my favorite memories include staying up late (okay, midnight) laughing at the best of SNL commercial parodies, getting into intense games of tennis and baseball on the Wii, and just enjoying the little kisses and hand-holding throughout each day.

Despite being prone to cry randomly throughout the week (no thanks to Elmo's Deployment video), the final goodbye was really nothing more than just some tear-filled eyes. I really attribute it to emotional exhaustion-- I can assure you I am very sad and I miss him already, not to mention how very proud I am. I know the next eight months will fly by and we will be driving to the airport to pick him up before we even know it (positive thinking... right!?)

Fortunately, I made plans to stay up at my parents tonight so Mom can help with Jackson and I can just get a grip on myself and relax a bit. I will be back in the swing of things by Tuesday to prepare for Julie to get here on Saturday! Like I told Derek, "I just don't have much time to feel sorry for myself!", to which he replied, "it's probably better this way." Good thing he's not here to read me writing that he was right! :)

Anyway, a few pictures from today: 

Jackson was too preoccupied with his juice to look at the camera.

I love this man!!

Some last minute tickle-time

 This is the closest Derek got to getting a hug from the little twerp.

And now I can't wait to find a warm comfy bed to crawl into and stay until late morning-- or until I have to get up to pee. 



  1. hang in there..I can only imagine..I hate saying goodbye for just a week. I appreciate your sacrifice!

  2. You are doing great, Amy! I am thinking of you! Let's talk soon about preparing for Julie. She will be a nice distraction for the time while Derek is away.

  3. I will be praying for you. Just keep thinking positive! I appreciate all that your hubby, you and other families sacrifice so that we can continue to live in the land of the free! Blessings to you an your family!

  4. "It took forever to stitch me up and I felt EVERY SINGLE THING too!! It was awful. It was almost an hour before I got to hold Jackson. Not cool!!! Thanks for posting the story- I love reading baby stories!"

    Oh wow yeah, no fun!! No problem, I am glad you enjoyed reading it! :)

    I am sorry about your husband leaving. I understand your relief to have it finally be here and to get it over with. I hope the next 8 months just fly by!

  5. Thank you for stopping by my blog! I am also a military wife and mommy. I know the feeling of emotional exhaustion before a deployment! It is so exhausting preparing for a deployment but Elmo knows just what to say to make you feel better. HA! I will be praying for you as you adjust to a new schedule over the next few weeks :)

  6. I thought I left a comment earlier, but apparently not. Lame!! Been thinking about you chica. You're such an inspiration to me.

  7. I love you. I really do.
    I'll be praying for you every day. You are the bravest person I know....and I love you for it. Have I mentioned that?? If I can't get up there to see you soon, maybe you can come stay here for a few days? we'd love to pamper you ANYTIME.


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