Thursday, July 15, 2010

Jackson's Daddy Book

Okay, so I've gotten the book all put together. I need to go ahead and order it asap so it can get here soon. Derek leaves in only 10 days!! Check it out and please let me know if you see some typo's or if something just reads funny. It's hard to edit your own work!

I've ordered books and prints from Shutterfly before and they are wonderful! I ordered one for Jackson's 1st birthday and was able to use it as a guest book at his party. So not only is the book a great keepsake, now it has personalized messages from Grandmas, Aunts, Uncles, and lots of friends and family! I get so many compliments on the books and the shipping is super quick (which is important because I am not very patient for waiting around for things like this). Did I mention how easy it is to use their templates?!? You pick your photos, drag and drop, and poof-- it's done! It's super easy to share (like I am doing here!) for others to check out the book, too!

And I do have to say that I originally started using Kodak when I started this project- but it didn't save my work correctly, there weren't nearly the selection of templates and colors, and the site was not as user-friendly.

And just because this is to cute not to share, look at how cute my little boy is-- he loves to be like his daddy.



  1. Do you have a book of some sort for Derek to have too? Or just his computer full of pictures?

  2. That is so cute! It is beautiful! I love Shutterfly! I love making books for the family! Have a great night!

    Mama hen

  3. It looks great lady! You did amazing!

  4. How did you find your exchange student? You're so wonderful to open your home to teach foreigners about America. Can you post the info on who to contact? That would be great!


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