Saturday, July 17, 2010

The New Countertop

We are down to just a few things left on the list and Dad came down last night to install the new countertop that has been sitting in our garage for the past month. We are having Derek's big going away party tonight and I am happy to have that old ugly, nasty tile out of my kitchen.

 Derek says it was a lot of hard work to get it out. I believe him. But I hardly lifted a finger all night.

I was a the grocery store (dealing with a grumpy old lady cashier) when the boys were brought in the new countertop. I guess it is pretty heavy and they'd have to carry it in and out to cut for a precise fit. And since it is one big piece, it's tricky to move it around the kitchen and get into place. I was here for that part.

And so they finally got it to fit and slid it into place.

But yes, as you can see-- the countertop is 3 inches too short in the middle section.

Dad was just in disbelief as it has something to do with 25" being standard and 22" is just never used in the kitchen and he is is good friends with one of the guys at the cabinet company we used. Dad called and Leroy was in disbelief too and they have yet to figure out why it would have come out that way-- probably just an error when someone typed it in the machine.

Did I mention we are having a big party tonight? Fortunately, this didn't stress me out at all. Dumb, little things have brought me to tears all week, but not my countertop. It is still sitting pretty in my kitchen. But we'll be sinkless for the next few days until my new countertop is made. Thank goodness that my wonderful friend HanNah is in charge of most of the food.

This is by far not the worst thing that could have happened and I suppose it will be a good story to laugh about (after today).... right???



  1. Looks beautiful, color-wise. Size-wize - bummer! That stinks! :(

  2. Oh no! Something like that would have totally had me in tears!

    The good news is though, it is absolutely beautiful!!


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