Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Not Mom of the Year

I've come across this Not-Mom-of-The-Year contest and I looked like too much fun not to join in. It's not even the fact that it's a contest, it's just therapuetic to go out there are read other peoples stories that make me feel a little a lot better about myself as a mom and how "un-June Cleaver-ish" I am.

  1. I have actually picked an Elmo movie to watch specifically because it was the longest video so that I could take a longer nap while he watched it-- there is a big difference between 46 and 54 minutes. 
  2. I am too cheap to buy my son summer pj's (the winter ones are always passed down from friends) so he wears his clothes to bed every night.
  3. I put Jackson down to nap with a cup sometimes-- but I do know that he doesn't fall asleep in his mouth because I hear him throw it out of his crib along with his books, toys, etc... before falling asleep. Wait- why I am I defending myself.... I already know I am a qualified Not-Mom-of-The-Year. 
  4. I dropped Jackson big time when he was only a couple weeks old. I was carrying him in the bouncy seat and the seat caught on the door handle and so I dropped the seat and he slid right on to the floor... head first.
  5. I call my son gross so often that it was actually one of his first words-- after meals, during diaper changes. I never noticed it until he started saying it each time.
  6. We've lived in this house for nearly a year and I just finished getting his room together yesterday.
  7. Our laundry is always behind--even if I wash it, it stays in the basket probably until I need the basket again to take more dirty clothes downstairs. The last time I mopped, was-- oh wait.. I haven't while I've lived in this house. The toilet-- haven't done that either. (in my defense, I did get a cleaning certificate for Christmas and they did do these each once...). 
  8. And I'm always to forgetful to even call the cleaning ladies. I complain about not having a maid, but then it's because I am too lazy to just call. So the house is a remains a mess. 
  9. Jackson doesn't bathe every day and he hardly ever gets to play in the bath. Most of the time, he just gets to hop in the shower with me or Derek for a quick lather and rinse before getting handed back out to the other one.
  10. I let my child eat dirt.
  11. I'm not even cool enough to have lots of cute pictures on this post or to make a nice ryhming poem for this thing-- it's totally boring. 
So, I totally think all my mom friends should try this-- It's like free therapy. Go ahead and share some comment-love with some of the things that qualify you as a Not-Mom-of-The-Year and be sure to read some of the other entries just so give your self-esteem a little boost!



  1. Oh this is hysterical! What a fun contest! And seriously - I love 11... Tied it all up nicely! :)

  2. These are great! I am not good at keeping up with laundry either. As I am writing this I am looking at four baskets of clothes to be folded....one day I'll get to it :)

    Thanks for linking up!

  3. IT IS great to come clean. Hey, we love our kids, what is more important.

  4. Hello! Popping in from iFellowship at Seeds of Faith Women! Hope you find time to stop by Homemaker Honey and say, "G'Day!"

    Enjoy this day the Lord had made!
    Homemaker Honey

  5. Don't worry, we've lived in our house for 3 1/2 years and I still don't have my son's room totally together. Or my room or any other room in this house for that matter!!

    And there is definitely a difference between 46 and 54 minutes. TOTALLY!

    Thanks for entering!!

  6. Isn't this fun? I'm having a ball reading everyone's posts. We're all so consistent about the laundry thing I think we should all throw out our dressers and just live out of the baskets - why pretend??

  7. Oh- so funny! We can all relate!!
    I'm stopping by through iFellowship- & I'm so glad I did. I needed to smile!

  8. Good list! And you're not that bad, my daughter doesn't bathe everyday. Sometimes not even every other day. The pool counts as a bath, right??

  9. So funny! And yes, I send my kids to bed in their clothes from the day, too- and sometimes they will wear them the next day, too- if they haven't decided to run around naked.

  10. I've lived in my house more than 3 years and there are still boxes that haven't been unpacked. No big deal :) I enjoyed reading your list.

  11. You are a brave lady to put this up here--enjoyed reading it. I sleep in my shorts and a t-shirt on real hot nights and my dad always slept in his clothes when he got up into his 80s--it was just easier for him and saved him so much time because it took him so long to get dressed. This inspired a post for my blog about him so I'll link up to this one to give you credit for the inspiration!


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