Monday, August 16, 2010

I have dreaded this day for a very long time

Jackson has learned to climb out of his crib.

This is just really unfortunate news for me. In a recent conversation with a friend about moving Jackson into a toddler bed, I said, "I don't have confidence that Jackson will stay in his bed, his room, or even in this house if he doesn't have the crib to confine him."

As if the kid needs more to distract him from taking a nap. He was up for over 2 hours last night playing (for the first hour) and screaming. He had missed his afternoon nap two days in a row and was getting progressively grumpier. So when I put him down for a morning nap this morning... and he climbs out! The poor kid has bags under his eyes. He desperately needs to catch up on sleep. At least he's taking a nice nap now that last late enough to keep him bearable until bed time. And hopefully he can have a good night's rest tonight.

Here's the latest clip I have of Jackson avoiding his nap. He just gets so hyper when he's tired as to convince himself that he doesn't need a nap. Trust me. He does!!

On a positive note. I went to my 12 week prenatal appointment today. My doctor couldn't find the heartbeat, which totally stressed me out, but she sent me in for a sonogram so I got to see the little fella/lady. The heartbeat was great (137) and the baby even waved. The sonogram tech was super fun and typed in "Hi Daddy" so I could send it to Derek. How cute!

The baby is on his/her back. Head to the left. The arm is under the words.



  1. Oh girl! When Javen was first in his toddler bed I had to take EVERY toy, book, moveable object out of his room. Then about after a week I slowly started putting everything back. I also bought a baby proof lock on the inside of his door and after he falls asleep I crack the door open so he can get out once he's awake. (Sometimes he still falls asleep on the floor by the door though. Also, black out curtains are from heaven. :) Good luck!

  2. Of all the things I have been dreading... this one didn't even cross my mind. AHHH! I love that you captured it on video. Too Cute! Hope he gets the much needed nap.

  3. ok...jackson, totally tripped me out! niiiice!

    and as for the lil creason..i'm going to assume you gave the exact details as to where the baby is positioned was for my benefit! and i totally appreciate it! ::hugs:: glad everything, pregnancy wise, is going well!

  4. I remember those days. My kids never climbed out of their cribs, thankfully. But there were days they refused to take naps. But I told them they had to go to their rooms and have "quiet time" in their beds. They could not talk or play. Often times they would just fall asleep.

  5. Oh man! That jumping looks like quite the workout! And I seriously love that you can see him basically planning his escape!

    Too funny!


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