Sunday, August 15, 2010

It's been three weeks...

... since I said good-bye to the hubby, and surprisingly it hasn't been that bad. Of course I miss him like crazy, but I've kept pretty busy and it's gone by rather fast.

I seriously think the best thing for me is having Julie here. She is so perfect for our family and she's super fun! It is nice to have someone to talk to and hang out with. I look forward to her coming home from volleyball practice so she can tell me all about it and we enjoy indulging ourselves with several episodes of Veronica Mars! Right before she came, I began to wonder if maybe I was in over my head, but now I am truly convinced she's exactly what I needed!

I started to receive letters from Derek this week and now I anxiously await for the mailman to walk by each day!! It is an adjustment to getting used to the time-lapse in communication, but we're figuring it out! Thursday's was by far the coolest letter yet. First he told me that I get to drive him to his AIT base (Fort Gordon-- four hours away) after his basic training graduation, so that's extra time that we're going to get to spend together!!

Also, he mentioned that a facebook group might exist for his company with pictures and updates about what they were doing. It took me half an hour to find it; I didn't know where to start... but I found it!! I searched through all of the picture so diligently and found him in the background of a few pictures. It really is quite challenging as they all sort of look alike with the same uniforms and haircuts. But it's way cool to see what he's up to, like the Confidence Course they did last weekend. I was also able to obtain more info about his graduation weekend so we can look into our travel plans down. We were only expecting just a handful of hours to spend together, but it turns out we will have two full days plus the drive to Ft. Gordon. How cool!?! I'm gonna plan a sonogram visit soon and figure out how we are going to celebrate Jackson's 2nd birthday that weekend, among just hanging out together with the hubs.

Derek is super anxious to receive mail and pictures. He's mentioned others have gotten mail already and that was a day or two before I even had his address, so I feel so awful that he's had to wait to get his mail. I have tried to be diligent about sending stuff often and I've made sure to take some good pictures to send his way!

Jackson is "getting Daddy" while he reads the tackle page in the Daddy book.



  1. Being away from your hubby is SO hard!! It looks like you are doing really well so far! My hubby has been on a few deployments and I have totally sent him that same card before! Very cute! We also have that same "daddy doll" with his picture in it. My daughter loves it (even when Daddy is only at work for the day HA) :)

  2. I'm so glad you have Julie there now to make this not quite as hard! She really does seem like such a blessing!

    And I really think the letters back and forth would be the best part about having a hubby away like that... I mean, how romantic is that? When else in your relationship will you ever communicate like that?

    I just think it's cool lady. Sucks that you have to be separated, but that is a bonus! ;)


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