Monday, August 2, 2010

The return of Jackon

Remember Jackson's Mother's Day craft? Well, "Jackon" has returned again. This time on his VBS stuff.

I never really expected Jackson to be the one with his name misspelled. I mean, we didn't spell it Jaxon or Jacksen. It kind of makes me chuckle-- that "s" is one tricky letter!! It's more important to learn about Jesus at church than to spell your name correctly anyway! He does insist on taking his Bible to church because Roy always has one in class!

But honestly, I don't even care that much because I love getting stuff he's made!



  1. I bet his name is misspelled in the church records and that's why it keeps getting misspelled on his church stuff. You could probably just call the church office, or even just fill out a form in the pew asking to correct it. But yes, so important that he's learning about Jesus.

  2. I'm glad it doesn't upset you. Some people spell their kids names funny and then expects us to remember that. Goofy, huh?

  3. Haha, that is so cute! Maybe you should name your next kid something less complex! :) After Chacey, I think I am going to go with Beth or Sue or something straightforward! :)

  4. Oh man! Was it the same teacher?!? That is too funny!

  5. I know how you feel. We call our son JP (short for John Patrick) - and he gets called PJ, JR, all sorts of things... and I think, "really?" it's just 2 letters!!!

    Our church did Saddle Ridge Ranch too! And my 6 & 3 year old are STILL singing Tumbleweed and the theme song! In fact, I sing them too now!

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  7. The iFellowship Blog Hop brings such blessings. Today your blog brings me two awesome "J"s. Jackson is awfully cute on that pony and his friend, Jesus, is my friend too!

    It may take me all week to read the iFellowship posts but you've proven why it is worth it!

  8. Oh, those kinds of gifts are the BEST! What a cute little cowboy. :)


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