Monday, August 23, 2010

We're a pitiful bunch

This weekend wasn't very kind to us. It all started Saturday morning when Jackson started throwing up-- at Wal-Mart of all places. I should have known something was up because the kid wouldn't eat anything... and he loves to eat! Then came the huge diaper blow-out that occurred in his carseat. Uhm, GROSS! And seriously, who know you'd need an engineering degree to get the cover off to wash it?! I haven't even attempted to put it back on yet.

The real excitement started Saturday night when both Julie and Jackson were taking turns getting sick. And I had no idea what to do! Should I console my upset child first? Or clean him up so he's not covered in grossness? And it took me to get the stupid bumper pads off (untying every single knot that I once proudly put on there) because it was now disgusting... all while Jackson was crying. I needed about 27 more pairs of hands, and a less sensitive gag reflex, if I'm honest. Eventually I got him calmed down and back to sleep, but it was 1:30 by that time.

Then the next morning, I woke up knowing it was my turn. Julie stayed in bed until 10:30 and almost immediately went back to bed for most of the day. I was totally jealous. To avoid being Jackson's jungle gym and in hopes to get any rest I could, it is possible that we watched three Elmo DVDs before noon yesterday. He did take a nice nap. My mom came down in the late afternoon. She cleaned up the kitchen and family room and ended up taking Jackson home with her so I could sleep and kick this bug asap. Amazing!!!

On Sunday, Jackson began to eat again- but only bananas. He had four that day.

Lying in bed, I began to crave a McChicken. I partially blame the pregnancy, but I also blame the fact that I was just starving. So, Julie and I drove an entire 1 mile to get our sandwiches and back home. Yet, I felt like I had been hit by a bus. The trip was so exhausting that it made me nauseous, gave me a huge headache, and made my fever go up!! I had to lie down, cover my eyes, and eventually enjoyed my sandwich an hour and a half later. Julie and I were hanging on the couch moaning and complaining about how it hurts to move and we decided that we were a pathetic, pitiful pair!!

Fortunately, I woke up feeling much, much better today after getting to sleep in-- a rare treat!! Julie stayed home from school, but is feeling up to going tomorrow. Unfortunately, several of our friends and family now have the same bug. Sorry!!



  1. glad you are feeling better...and those carseat covers are the worst!!!!

  2. Hope you feel better soon! Just make sure you never submerge the carseat's straps in water or you will have to replace them entirely. Just use a damp cloth.

  3. Brad and I definitely know what you are going through. We both had it 2 weeks ago...yuck. Although, now you know what it feels like to be on the "getting everyone sick" side :) you get blamed for it all...well at least I did last thanksgiving.

  4. Amy I'm glad ya'll are feeling better!! I got the bug last year after one of my kiddos let loose his stomach all over my brand new car!!


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