Sunday, September 5, 2010


As a graduate student of psychology, I am fairly familiar with the DSM IV-TR (the manual at which one uses to diagnose mental disorders). And I am quite confident that I have gone above and beyond meeting all criteria to be diagnosed as just plain crazy.

My classes started this week. I have a short one on Monday afternoons, and then a full class on Tuesday evenings. Seriously, to think I voluntarily registered for classes knowing my husband was going to be gone, having kids full time all day, a teenager with a super busy school and sports schedule, not to mention the baby I'm incubating... see, I told you I was crazy!!

I have a feeling that this past week has been a glimpse of what my life will be like for the next several months-- insanely busy. The good news is that we all survived!!

I am so far behind on blogging and most other things, as well! (I had the season finale of NCIS from Netflix sit around for three days before I even got around to watching it- and if that doesn't indicate I'm way behind, I don't know what does.) The times that I haven't been running around like a mad women, I have willfully determined to get some rest. I have got to take advantage of it when I can because I never know when that luxury will escape me.

I have taken tons of pictures and I've got lots of updates to share and I promise I'll get to it soon!! We've encountered food allergies, volleyball tournaments, updates from Derek, four-wheeling, and have started planning a special Sweet 16 birthday party! Lots of fun stuff! Stay tuned!



  1. You ARE crazy lady! But it sounds like it is at least going to be exciting! ;)

  2. Good luck with your classes and everything else you have going on... you're not crazy, just a mom that wears many 'hats'. ;-)

  3. I love NCIS! Your week sounds like it was a lot like mine! Stressfull! Like you said though you all survived. Good lick and keep pushing through!


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