Tuesday, September 7, 2010

The First Volleyball Game

Last Tuesday was Julie's first volleyball game! She's a dedicated basketball player at home, but had participated on a volleyball team. She picked up the game very quickly and was so excited to hear that she made the Varsity volleyball team. Go Julie! She will claim that it because she already knows a "ball sport" that it was easier for her to adapt to another "ball sport," which probably has a lot of truth to it. But, really, the girl is an athlete. A natural. She is so fun to watch!

Here's some pregame action.

A little bit of practice before the game

The huddle!

Julie is down and ready.

She has several very nice blocks during the game 
(being tall definitely helps!)

It's so cool to watch the game and have my "kid" on the court. It just makes the game that much better-- "Yup! She's mine!"  The Lady Mustangs took 3rd place in the tournament last week. The last game on Thursday night was so intense, but it made the win so much sweeter! Julie enjoyed a nice weekend off, but is ready for practice again. Two more games this week! Go Mustangs.

And thanks to Grandpa and the in-laws for keeping Jackson so I could watch the games and attend to my concession duties!



  1. Aww I love volleyball, looks like she enjoys playing!

  2. Happy iFellowship Day! Isn't it fun to watch our kids play sports?


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