Sunday, September 12, 2010

Grandparent's Day

Jackson has totally hit the jackpot of grandparents. Not only because they are just a great help to me, but they just love him so much! They are always excited for him to come visit, eager to take him places and to do new things, and are just so involved in his life.

They were all so excited to meet Jackson, especially being the first grandbaby on both sides!

This is one proud Papa. He loves having Jackson be his helper.

Grammy was wonderful at keeping Jackson entertained as we waiting at Children's Mercy for Jackson to get glued back together!

Grandpa passes on his loyalty to the best teams around. Look how happy these boys are!

Grandma loves to share her iphone so Jackson can watch Elmo and play memory games.

Jackson is fortunate enough to have SIX living great-grandparents, all of whom he has met (though I couldn't find pictures with them all)!

Great Grandma Dryer was happy to hold her first great-grandson on Thanksgiving 2008.

Great Grandma Trickel got down on the ground to play with the little guy before he was even crawling!

We were so happy when Great-Grandpa Duff decided to move back to MO after living the past few decades in California! Jackson always goes straight for the pen in his shirt pocket!!

(not pictured are Great-Grandma Duff, 
Great-Grandma Chapman, and Great-Grandma Creason)

Happy Grandparent's Day!! Derek and I couldn't have picked greater grandparents if we'd have tried! Thanks for all you do, but most importantly, thanks for loving him so much and so being involved in his life!



  1. Aww, what great pictures... love the one of Great Grandma down on the floor playing w/ your son- priceless! :D My girls got to see one set of grandparent's today. My girls love when they come visit since they live 2 hrs. away and we don't see them often.

  2. Such a lucky boy with all those awesome grandparents!


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