Thursday, September 16, 2010


I wrote this post yesterday with the intention of posting it last night, but my internet was down so it had to wait until this morning.

It's no secret that I despise practically all things cleaning, so it's completely ironic that my new favorite activity is titled MOPS. It actually stands for Mothers of Preschoolers and it's a community of moms that meet a couple times a month. There are groups all across the country and it wasn't until I had a friend mention MOPS on facebook that it even dawned on me to look and find a place close to me!

There was a meet-and-greet activity on Monday night and our first meeting was this morning. I love making new friends, especially ones who have a similar goals of raising their kids in a Godly home! Plus, there is yummy food. I'm definitely looking forward to getting to know the ladies more and making new friends.

One of Jackson's favorite things to do these days is to jump from the fireplace onto his little couch. This is what he was doing as I was preparing to leave... only he missed and instead of landing on the cushy part, he landed face first onto the plastic armrest. He had a nice goose egg as he walked into his class and the poor guy couldn't really open his eye all the way.

In other non-related news, I went to my 16 week check up yesterday and I actually lost two pounds, which still puts me at negative total weight gain. Interesting.

We have had just a crazy, busy week. I haven't even had the chance to write Derek a letter for three days-- a first since he left almost two months ago! Jackson and I haven't spent a lot of good one-on-one time together, but while we were eating dinner at church tonight, he insisted on having his arm around my back while we both ate for the entire meal. It was a hassle, for sure, but it was the sweetest thing ever. He would pat my back, lean over to give me kisses (without even being asked) and was just full of love. I was in mommy heaven!!



  1. I can't wait till my baby girl can give me kisses:). What a heart warming experience!!! I should come bake you lots of cupcakes and cookies to get that preggo weight going:). lol. I hear great thigns about mops from my friend!

  2. Cherish those Mommy heaven moments!! I too love when I hear "Mommy I wuv you!"

    Here from iFellowship - a day late! I love making my way through the entire list even if it takes me a couple of days!

    Have a nice Thursday!


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