Thursday, September 9, 2010

Rainy Day

This summer, I have this unnatural ability to make it to the grocery store before the rains come only to have it pour as I'm leaving. This provides me with the wonderful opportunity to run to the car, buckle in a child, load up the grocery, return the cart to the cart bin-- while getting my second shower of the morning. It has happened no less than three times in the past two months. Maybe I should just avoid going to the grocery store at all!

While I am trying to avoid getting soaked in the rain, Jackson had a different attitude. After we got home, he ran out to play in the "ning" or is it "nane"... whatever it is, he loves "rain"! He was having too much fun to make him stop, so I let him play for nearly half an hour. He enjoyed running through the puddles, jumping, splashing, and eventually just sitting down in the water itself.

And yes, those are shorts he is wearing. Having a kid in between sizes is just awkward all the way around. These are 24 month shorts (he is 23 months) and I noticed they were big when I put them on this morning... but he didn't look this ridiculous!

If this doesn't scream "ghetto white boy" I really don't know what does. I mean, look at the saggy pants, exposed boxers (diaper), and shorts to his ankles.

Unfortunately, his Dad isn't here to take the blame for this one. But-- in my defense, I blame the fact that they were wet (and heavy). We will definitely be returning these shorts to the box and I have no choice but to keep up with laundry of the few 18 months shorts that still fit.


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